How has the knowledge I’m a Highly Sensitive Person changed me?

what i've learnedSometimes when people learn about personality traits like high sensitivity, introversion, or extroversion, they wonder, why does it matter? How does that knowledge change your life?

Many of us had an “Ah-ha” moment when learning about HSPs–realizing that the trait described us perfectly. It seems like the main thing we realized, most of all, is this: we aren’t wrong or weird. We are normal.

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Since learning about HSPs a few years ago, I’ve come a long way. In this post, I’m sharing with you some of the main things I’ve come to realize. Maybe this will open the door for your own realizations about how knowledge of high sensitivity has affected you, too. [Read more…]

Social anxiety? Here are 3 counter-intuitive tips to beat it.

social anxiety tipsDo you have social anxiety? Not all HSPs have it, but many do. This guest post is by Katrina Razavi, communication coach and founder of Here, she shares 3 specific actions to begin making a change in your social life, including:

  • Why you should get over your fears of stuttering, stammering, or going blank during a conversation,
  • The #1 thing that gets in the way of having engaging interactions where you truly connect with someone, and
  • The simple tweak to give amazing first impressions.

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3 Tips: How to Handle Criticism as a Highly Sensitive Person

handle criticismJust before my book was published on Amazon last year, my husband very carefully said to me, “You know that you’re going to get some bad reviews, right? I mean, no matter what, every book gets some bad reviews. I just want you to be ready for that.”

I couldn’t help but laugh because I could see he was trying to be gentle about it. That was sweet. “Of course I know I’ll get bad reviews! It’s fine.” I assured him.

I wonder if you can see where this is going. [Read more…]

Getting lost in a crowd: a secret joy of Highly Sensitive & High Sensation Seeking Introverts

big city hspSome might be surprised to hear that I like spending time in big cities. I used to live just outside of New York City for around 5 years, and I loved spending time there. On a recent vacation, I enjoyed exploring Tokyo and Seoul for several days.

As an HSP, you’d think that visiting a big city would be overwhelming. And in some ways, yes, it is. But I also love big cities because you can get lost in a crowd.

Getting lost in a crowd means this: [Read more…]

9 Tips for Coping in the Workplace as a Highly Sensitive Person

hsp job copingI worked in an office environment for around ten years, with most of that time either in a cubicle or in a big room with other people.

A lot of the time, I hated it.

So many things played a part in bothering and distracting me in that professional environment. Some things were obvious (like a wrong-sized chair that hurt my body) but other things contributed just a tiny piece to making me feel awful–usually without me even realizing it. [Read more…]

The Highly Sensitive Writer: I Really Love Words & Fonts

highly sensitive person writerMy profession is writer and editor. For clients, I do grantwriting, edit ebooks and courses, ghostwrite blog posts, edit podcast scripts, and more.

Since I was a young child, it seemed that being a writer was my destiny. I loved to read–probably something I picked up from my dad. I always had my head in a book. I miss the days of being able to read all the time without any other worries. (Now, it’s difficult for me to focus when reading a book because I keep thinking about all the other things I need to get done.)

I think that many Highly Sensitive Persons are–or would like to be–writers. Especially those who are introverts. We find expressing ourselves in the written word to be freeing, exacting, thoughtful, and the preferred method of communication. With words I can paint a picture of what I’m feeling. I can take my time, think about what I want to say, and carefully select the right words. [Read more…]

Perfection in Nature: Let’s Talk about “Beauty Threshold”

I moved to Southern California from the East Coast a few years ago. One thing I’ve noticed here is that there are so many flowers, and they are so beautiful. I’m not even a person who is “into” flowers, really.

Many times when I am out for a walk, I see a stray flower that completely captures my attention. Like this one. beauty threshold

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Join me in the Thank You Card Challenge

Two years ago, I stumbled upon an item called “A Year of Gratitude” from a retailer called Uncommon Goods.

And I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since.

Here it is:

you can buy it here for $30

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A personal pep talk for when you’re doubting yourself

pep talkThere are times I’m working on a piece of writing and I keep thinking, “Ugh, this is not very good.”

I keep working on it, but can’t seem to ignore the self-doubts that come into my brain. “This is bad. It’s not coming together. People will think this is poorly written and that I’m a bad writer.”

Turns out I’m not the only one who thinks that way.

A friend recently confided that she was down about a project she was working on. She had been at it for a while and felt like it was turning into a failure. I was sorry to hear this, because I know how smart and talented she is. I didn’t want her to feel bad about herself.

I found myself giving her the same pep-talk I give myself when I’m riddled with self doubt.

So, here are my tactics to respond to negative self talk, specifically in regards to work: [Read more…]

Gift Guide for Highly Sensitive People & Introverts 2016

gift guide 2015 smaller

Are you struggling to find a gift for an introverted, highly sensitive friend, spouse, co-worker, or family member? Then this list is for you. Featured here are presents for people who are overwhelmed by social and environment stimuli, are empathic, sensitive to beauty, and cherish privacy and peacefulness.

Presenting: the Highly Sensitive Person & Introvert Gift Guide for 2016! (Updated Aug 2016)

(Note: Introverts and HSPs are not the same thing. All introverts are not HSPs, and vice versa. But just for the sake of this list, we have lumped them together.)

Here we go!

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