HSP ep social media fbThis episode is especially for those who do not have the trait of high sensitivity. It’s for those who don’t understand HSP, yet want to learn more about it to support someone in their life.

In this show, I cover some “Frequently Asked Questions” about HSPs to clear up some misconceptions about the trait. Including:

  1. Aren’t “sensitive” people just drama queens and crybabies?
  2. Is “Highly Sensitive Person” a made-up thing people use as an excuse to act a certain way?
  3. Can’t you just toughen up?
  4. My partner was diagnosed as highly sensitive. How can they make it better?
  5. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells around my highly sensitive partner/friend. They get upset at everything.
  6. How can I better understand my highly sensitive partner/friend/family member?

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