hsp podcast extrovert manThe Highly Sensitive Podcast is for people with Sensory Processing Sensitivity–or those who want to better understand HSPs. In this show, I share personal stories, tips, rants, and occasionally interviews with interesting HSPs.

Today’s episode is a special treat! I’ve got an interview with an extroverted, highly sensitive, man. He’s also a comedian and software engineer. It’s Johnny Martinez of the Introvert Extrovert Podcast.

In this episode, Johnny talks about:

  • How being highly sensitive can help you crush job interviews
  • Having a parent who is very not highly sensitive
  • The benefits of being an extroverted HSP as a software engineer
  • How comedy can be a defense mechanism
  • Having a panic attack on stage!
  • Ways to practice self-care as an HSP (mind, body, environment).

This episode is almost an hour long, but it’s worth it for Johnny’s insight and interesting stories.

Find Johnny and his podcast:

Hey Google, extrovert can also be spelled extravert.

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