Hot, Still Air Makes Me Feel Trapped, Like I Can’t Breathe

Claustrophobia: Extreme or irrational fear of confined places.
Cleithrophobia: The fear of being enclosed

I never identified as claustrophobic (or cleithrophic) before. I don’t know what’s happened to me the past year or so, but while traveling, I’ve come upon some instances where I’ve felt panic when I feel like I’m trapped in a situation or trapped in a place.

Just a few days ago, my husband and I, who are traveling around Thailand, took a 4-hour bus ride to a new town. A few days earlier, we’d been on a wonderful, huge, comfortable bus with awesome air conditioning. The trip was fine. So we assumed this trip would be the same.

Surprise! We were wrong. This new trip was in a minivan, packed to capacity, with the air conditioning a tiny trickle of air — just enough that you weren’t melting. I don’t think I need to tell you that Thailand is HOT. It was not comfortable.

After the first 10 minutes on this bus, I looked around me and thought, “Well, this is where I’m going to be for the next four hours.” And I felt a little panic start to rise inside me. There was no way out. (Well, I guess technically I could tell the driver to STOP and let me out, but I wasn’t going to do that.) But realistically, I had decided to take this bus ride and I had to do it. I looked at the door and thought about what would happen if I had a panic attack.

What gets to me the most is heat and the lack of air movement. I really have issues with air movement. I have never met anyone else who feels the same way. When I’m in a stuffy, warm room, with no air movement, I feel like I can’t breathe. Having a fan is essential to me when I’m ill, dizzy, or overheated.


On an overnight train from Prague to Krakow

This trapped feeling happened to me twice on overnight train rides, too. On both occasions, the train windows were closed and there was no air circulation. As I laid on my hard sleeper bed on the train, with the bunk above me just inches from my face, the air felt SO CLOSE that I again felt like I couldn’t breathe. The inklings of panic started to grow. I had to get up and walk around the silent train car while everyone else was asleep.

On one occasion, I ended up doing something my husband and I still laugh about. It was so hot and stuffy and the air was so close that I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and that time was standing still. I simply could not bear it. I had to do SOMETHING. I pulled the sheet off my bed and took it into the (gross) train bathroom, and I used the sink to wet the sheet, all while everyone else on the train was asleep. That way, when I went back to my bunk, at least I could use the wet sheet to cool myself down and move it around. (We joke that the next day, the people who tidied up the train would be pretty grossed out by my questionably soaking wet sheet.)

To a “normal” person, I bet the wet-sheet thing sounds pretty strange. But I had to do something. That’s all I could think about. I have to do something or I’m losing my mind. I think by wetting the sheet, I gave myself the ability to change my environment in a small way. I could move the sheet around and feel the cool parts of it throughout the night. This helped me feel like the walls weren’t closing in on me, and that the air wasn’t so still because there was some coolness. I had something to distract me from the utter stillness.

I guess. I don’t know.

I fear that this claustrophobia or panic or whatever it is might be getting worse. The feeling of being trapped or like you can’t breathe and time is standing still is COMPLETELY TERRIFYING. You feel like you just cannot bear it. So, at least I have gained empathy for people who are claustrophobic, I guess.

Is there anyone else out there who feels the same way?

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  1. I totally relate to that! And it is getting worse for me too.

    • I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one!! What situations have given you this feeling? I would be interested to hear more examples.

      • It’s crazy how you’re never the only one to be experiencing something you thought no one else could possibly be going through! I always feel really uncomfortable in places where the air is still. I always need a fan or something to make me feel like I can breathe! And it’s not something I’ve always felt! It’s just been within the last few months that I’ve really noticed it!

        • I’ve always had that feeling, ever since i was younger. If the heater was on too long or there was no cool air circulation, i would get hot and my nose would bleed. This happened way to many times to the fact, to this day, i still get lightheaded when its too hot. Like im ok with humid or heat from outside. But inside, if there’s no air circulation i feel trapped and inmobile.

      • Heather Ann says:

        Still air but most of all complete darkness or sleeping by a wall. I wake feeling trapped and can’t breath and go into a panic. I’m 34 and this has happend to me maybe 5 or 6 times in the past year. It’s starting to really scare me. I don’t know why it’s suddenly happing in my life. I suppose I should see a Doctor soon. But until then… Does anyone know what helps???

        • Hi Heather Ann, thanks for your comment. Speaking to a doctor is probably a good place to start! Or you could look into cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, anti-anxiety meds–lots of things, but talk to a dr. first. I haven’t had full-on panic from feeling trapped yet, but just thinking about it makes me feel like I can’t breathe a little!!

          • I feel so much more tension when the temperature gets to the upper 80s and higher. At work and driving on the road. It just gives me the most horrible feeling, discomfort, sometimes even sick feelings, and also fear. Of everyone around me and what’s gonna happen. Some of it is that so many people just start acting so hostile and crazy. At my work ( much shorter tempers than normal, often about trivial things or even about things that dont even make sense!), and on the road (much more road rage than at cooler temps). The public world is a much scarier place when it gets hot. And this time of year, early to mid June, is the worst cause it’s just getting started and I know it’s gonna be several months till it ends. I pray to God that Fall will be here asap.

      • Humberto Dominguez, Jr. says:

        You are not alone. I can’t believe that there are so many of us who need constant air movement. I feel your exact pain :-(.

      • Kelly, I thank you so deeply for telling in detail about your miserable , claustrophobic experiences with unmoving, hot air. Most people just don’t understand and think you are being dramatic, delusional or psychosomatic. I think that having a high sensitivity level and intuition is part of the mix for individuals who have a difficult time with these kinds of environments. I love the way that you adapted with the wet sheet in the middle of the night. We have been going through two very hot and humid summers in southern California 2014 and now here we are in October 2015, and it is very hot and humid, even in the middle of the night. We get a few days of a slight reprieve of onshore flow and the stagnant airlessness returns with horrid heat and humidity. It is like a force, almost a monster that insists on returning to torture me and others who are affected. The other side of this is the access to deep intuitions and empathy. These are the gifts. Along with them comes hyper sensitivity and a difficult time blocking very unpleasant environments.
        Thank you again for sharing your life experience. It is invaluable.

    • My first bad feeling was about 5 years ago when sitting in a study room. I sat at the back and when my mates filled the row i suddenly became aware that if i needed to get out the entire row would have to move. No space around me, couldnt go under the desks, behind or over. They all moved, i left the room and burst into tears thinking What the hell was that? From that point on rooms and elevators that i was always fine in became a problem. Becoming an anxiety disorder based on the fear of that initial experience. Over the years i ALWAYS have a bottle of cold water. I use this to distract myself. I tried CBT but it didnt help. I am a nurse and spending several days in the hospital but mainly the community. On the hospital days i can feel it trigger and recently when doing some training a specific ward wing that wasnt used often was so hot that when i entered i could feel the anxiety creep in. My water didnt help and thankfully there were only a few in the room that didnt mind the air con being on. So what helps me is cooling down. My best mate and others i have met also find cool/cold air helps. Maybe its the shock to the system. My mate in winter will go outside and put her bare feet into the cold grass.
      I have another training day coming up and am freaking out worried about this room i will be in with others. I plan to arrive 30 mins early to suss the room out. I tend to sit by the door also and unfortunately in our hospital no windows open. So I, like most of u have it bad with the warm air thing. I didnt sleep well last night worried about this upcoming room. I do find if i can survive the first 10 minutes then things tend to get under control. On a side note in another training day (and no its the training) i was fine for 3 days in there until the lecuturer locked the door as random people kept coming in. I didnt know she had locked it so they couldnt enter BUT we could go out. I had to move my chair to another door and open it about 1/2 an inch to feel better. It wasnt that it was the cold air on this situation it was more that i knew i could get out. So its kinda 2 problem claustrophobia. aarrgghh 🙂

      • Totally understand. This started 2 years ago and its,a terrifying feeling g you can’t breathe

      • Totally agree with you Jo. Its psychological, that you just need that surety that there is a way out and that makes you feel better.
        I have tried to distract myself in the past, but it mostly happens when I am leaving my loved ones for a long flight and won’t be seeing them for long period afterwards.

        So glad I found this blog.

    • Lars Pedersen says:

      Totally agree 🙂

    • neta labi says:

      ME TOO!!! I used to freak out when my ex-husband used to turn on the heating in the car when it was raining outside. I need moving air- my doors are open 11 months of the year. I am always fanning myself. I never wear a sweater because I get hot in meetings etc. I hate entering the car park of a shopping mall in summer, as it is hot and still. It gives my stomach cramps and diarrhea.

    • You all are not alone.

      Now that almost two years has passed, has anyone gotten better?

      How do you cope?

      I have a major problem while in the washroom. I MUST leave the door open and as you can imagine it can cause problems. Also, when in the shower, even though I take cool or warm showers only I feel I cannot breathe!

      • I have same problem. When i am in toilet , i can lock inside. There is no problem. But when i know someone lock it from outside, i can not breath. Looks like i am dying.

    • Hi there just out of interest I am a counsellor and one of my clients has this problem.
      Her homeopath calls it ‘air gasping’ apparently it is linked to early shock or trauma.

    • I feel the same way its like sometimes when I get in the car I start to panic and it starts to seem like I can’t breath I told people but they thought I was crazy

      • I have exact same problem. I cannot get in a car unless I can control the windows myself. I keep the door opened an inch or two until I can roll down window. Also feel like I have to be near window and see outside..even at night. But yet its not like a typical claustrophobia.

        • Me too, the air must be moving. I cannot sleep without a fan on, window open, even in winter. A hot car is the worst. While driving, we have the ac on, but when stopping for gas, I absolutely have to step out and feel air circulating. I’ve felt this way as long as I can remember, at least 50 years. I never even heard of HSP until this month, when researching to help my daughter who deals with extreme anxiety and is highly emotional. My issues are not as extreme, but most of these traits resonate with me as well.and now my difficult work history makes so much sense. I’m so much happier in my current environment where I’m surrounded by workmates who all get along.

    • I have all of those symptoms and I feel like I can’t participate in life like I used to. Must have moving sir. Must have cool air. It’s nuts!

    • You’re not alone… Since my move from Wisconsin to California walls and even things outside seem to bend and fluctuate toward me. … As if they’re going too cave in on me… I panic now, mood swings and feel like dropping from the heat i feel in crowded restaurants… god forbid if i go in a “out back”. It sucks especially when you want to have fun but cant.

    • I have the same condition….do not know what’s happening…

    • Omg it can get worse? I feel like i am suffocating if there is no air flow! I am 33 and just learning this is a thing!!! Aaahhh…Ashley

    • I am not going to get into detail why it happens but to say something,
      I felt I had to the air picks up friction.
      And since yesterday was fourth of july people where playing with chemistry and chemistry friction don’t mix well with the air we breath it can create terrible storms and just like y’all can make us suffer.
      I hope at least this was some help for why this happens.

    • I experienced the same thing a few years ago on a cruise ship. I had to leave the room at 2 am and walk the ship until daylight.

      I have also felt the same in a hotel room.

      Last night, our power went off from 6 pm to 11 pm. Total darkness and no a/c and I felt the walls closing in. Thankfully, I was home so I went out and sat on the patio until the power came back on. It is an awful feeling! I too sleep with ceiling fans on and another small bedside fan while hubby is wrapped from head to toe. 🙂

  2. OMG, you are a sheet-wetter! 🙂

    I can totally relate. Stagnant air, especially hot air, does me in. I am sure my lungs will collapse. You and I, Kelly, have so many similarities–that’s got to be comforting, right? 🙂
    shanna recently posted…Join me on Radio Enso!My Profile

    • Sheet wetter–that’s me! Yes, it is comforting to know that I’m not the only one who feels the way I do. 🙂 As Anne Shirley would say, we are kindred spirits!! Ha ha.

    • selvaraj india says:

      yeah , i have same problem, whenever i enter a room, or meeting hall where the air circulation is not good or doors are closed, i will feel like to i am going to be breathless, so i try to come out of the room and take fresh air. this now made me to avoid meeting or close enclosures. i have same problem when i am going in car in heavy traffic

  3. Hi Kelly, it sounds like you are talking about me. I am exactly the same way. I feel like I can’t breathe either. I’m also having a lot of panic attacks. I think it’s because of the government shutdown right now. A lot of chest pain too.

    • Hi Tracy, thanks for the comment. I’m sorry you have been having panic attacks. Those are the worst. I hope you are able to find some solutions to feel better. Air movement is SUCH a huge thing for me that I’ve actually considered getting a tiny travel fan for when I’m traveling…I know it sounds crazy, but if it makes me feel better, who cares, right?! 🙂 Have you found something that works for you? Feel better and take some time to find peace, my friend!!

      • I found this website after researching Isaac Asimov, who was a known claustrophile. That made me look up claustrophobic as I always say “I get a little claustrophobic when I ride a BART train underground when it’s raining outside and it’s full of people.” But, when reading the definition and symptoms of claustrophobia, I discovered the number 1 protagonist of claustrophobics to be an MRI (which I generally can sleep through) and severe “flight/fight” response from more than one stimuli (mine wasn’t listed and was, after all, rather specific). So, it make sense to me that it was a case of hypersensitivity that one time under that combination of circumstances because I have been on many planes, trains, automobiles, buses, and other moving vehicles; with or without lots of other people; with or without inclement weather; above or below ground, and it never happened again. The same can be said about the time I ate potato pancakes for dinner, ate a 50/50 bar for dessert and vomited thereafter when visiting my mother in the maternity ward at the hospital when I was a young child of 3. Glad to know there is a word for it!

      • I have a travel fan! I don’t think you’re crazy at all! Everyone thinks that I am when I show up with my fan, but it beats not participating in the trip or class or whatever the scenario. You go get that travel fan! Walgreens actually has an unusually good selection of fans this time of year from little handheld ones to tiny desk fans and all the way up. And just for the record, sitting at home right now (in my tiny Jr 1 bdrm) writing this, I have 4 fans on. And 4 that are off. Plus my windows are both open a crack to keep the air moving and from becoming stagnant. I have fans on in rooms I’m not in (but I’ll have to go in to them eventually so mind as well have air movement ahead of time). The one difference for me that no one’s mentioned is that besides needing constantly moving air (and I’ve been like this since I was a baby I’m told), I also need the white noise as sudden loud noises scare the bejesus out of me and can send me into a panic attack. So I actually use my fans for both reasons and won’t last long in a room with neither.

  4. I too had that same experience with a single-person elevator in Paris. First I refused to use it and used the stairs instead. Then when I got weary of the stairs, I just stepped inside to get the feel of it and thought its only one floor, I’ll give it a try. It was Okay. By the end of 5 days, three of us were wedged tightly into the corners and squashed like sardines, and laughing at what we were doing and hoping the elevator didn’t jam up. By taking baby steps I conquered that claustrophobic feeling for that one instance. Maybe by making a joke of it helped. Maybe the silly people in the elevator with me made me forget. It became an event that I remember fondly while in Paris.

    • Haha, you know it’s funny, that elevator didn’t bother me at all. I don’t know why some things bother me and others don’t. I think that physically small places don’t bother me, but moreso when I feel like I can’t *leave* a place–like the hospital or the hot minivan. But now I can understand how people would feel panicked in a small elevator. It’s such a terrible feeling, to feel trapped!

  5. I think I kind of understand what you are talking about..I remember feeling like I couldn’t breathe whenever I walked into those steam rooms at gyms or resorts. But the first time that I actually felt claustrophobic was when I was getting an MRI scan. I was panicking the entire time I was in the machine. It was really surprising since I never thought I was claustrophobic. I haven’t experienced such a feeling since then but that MRI experience was just terrifying!!

    • Thanks for your comment! I have never had an MRI but I have heard that it is terrifying! I, too, do not like saunas. I really like having fresh air. Anytime I am sick (like nauseous–I had food poisoning about a month ago) I had to have air movement.

  6. I found this because I have the exact same problem!! Small spaces have never bothered me, but not having fresh air makes me feel like I’m suffocating and internally I start feeling panicked. Not sure what I am panicked about, aside from just wanting to get the heck out of the situation and breathe fresh air, but it’s definitely been an issue for a while and becoming more prominent. I am a teacher and had to cover a class for another teacher… well, their room was a central room, inside of the library in the school, which is in the middle of the school. The room was so stuffy and all I could think about was wanting to swing open a door to get fresh air….except I was far removed from getting fresh air. When the class was over, I hauled down to my own classroom, and for the first 5-10 minutes of my own class, I was standing in the doorway in my room that goes outside. I had the door wide open and was sucking in fresh air like crazy. MY students were upset cuz it was freezing out…but I couldn’t shut the door until I had enough moving, fresh air.

    Does this have a name or is it just considered claustrophobia?

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. I don’t know if this has a name. Claustrophobia is about confined spaces–not sure if that’s the same thing you are experiencing. When I think about being stuck in a warm place with no air movement…wow, I just feel panic.

      • I looked up “can’t stand to be hot” because my sisters,husband and many close friends have noticed how uncomfortable I get when its stuffy or “close”. Just today I was at my sisters. It’s 90 degrees here and all 3 of them had on jeans, one had on a long sleeved top. I had on a lightweight top, shorts and sandals and felt warm, when I asked my sister calmly if she minded if I turned on her ceiling fan,she literally looked at me like I had 3 heads! And the other sister said “you’re just hitting menopause”, well no, not quite,but thanks for the tip. It was a simple request. And in Disney World in June I sometimes feel like I am melting. It can be so humid,but it does not bother anyone else in my group like it does for me. I also feel a sense of panic or closeness when I get overheated. My anxiety/panic disorder is very well managed with good therapy and medication, so that makes trips to Disney possible. I now carry a small handheld battery powered fan at all times for just such an issue. Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone!

    • Anybody have ways to relieve this panics and anxiety without drugs??

  7. I’m so glad someone feels the same way! I’ve always thought I was crazy but I feel trapped when I’m in still hot air. Sometimes I feel like that in the bathroom when the shower’s too hot I have to throw open the door cause I feel so enclosed.

  8. How reassuring to read these comments. I am an ‘almost 50’ year old male, I have worked in mental health (I am a Mental Health Nurse) all my adult life and – despite working with and understanding anxiety/panic forever – have suddenly experienced similar symptoms.
    I use public transport multiple times every day, and – until very recently – seen it as nothing more than a chore. However, less than one month ago (and for no obvious reason and/or no trigger) I experienced overwhelming feelings of being unable to breathe when the train/bus doors close. I would never have described myself as claustrophobic and I have never suffered from anxiety, panic or mood issues. Despite this, whenever the train doors close I become instantly aware of my breathing, start making small gasps for air and feel my heart-rate increase. Very quickly, small changes in breathing, temperature, oxygen levels and breathing irregularities start to spiral – seemingly out of control. I feel trapped, anxious about being unable to ‘escape’ and fearful of having a full-blown panic attack (thankfully not happened – yet).
    Having a window open (if possible), some level of distraction (smartphone/ipod is a lifesaver) and knowledge of breathing techniques gives me a transient level of control, but I now always initially feel trapped and breathless.
    I am determined not to – (a) Get off the train (b) Avoid the train (c) Ruminate about next journey – as I know this fear will gain a life of it’s own and impact on all areas of my life.
    I must admit, there are times I laugh out loud at the perceived ‘ridiculousness’ of it all (I am not minimising the impact this has on me/others – it just seems ironic) – it seems my life’s work has come back for revenge!
    Keep strong everyone, don’t let this caveman instinct change your life and confront it at every opportunity. Well, this is my personal plan – I will tell you whether it works.
    Thanks to everyone else for sharing – your honest and frank fears and experiences have helped me confront my scary demons.

  9. I can definitely identify with this. Since childhood I’ve had panic attacks. Hospitals were the worst. I thought it was just a phobia of medical situations…but over the years it’s happened in situations where I’m in hot/crowded/small/bright/stressful places. Public transport, long queues, waiting rooms, crowded restaurants…basically anywhere where I feel like I can’t get away quickly.

    Realising others have this feeling too is a BIG help. Before learning about HSP I seriously thought I was the only person who’d ever felt like this. I’m now working on arming myself with techniques to cope.

    Identifying some sort of exit helps as does opening windows or trying to look out of any window. Especially if there’s a bit of greenery or nature to see. Belly breathing helps, as does accepting the panic and trusting it will pass. Trying to stay in the same place rather than trying to leave is part of this. Distraction like looking at photos on phone helps…especially photos of loved ones or good times. Thinking about something fun or nice happening later in the day/week helps distract me from the present moment. Most importantly though is so make sure there’s balance in life…making sure to get enough sleep, meditation, alone time…

    Would love to hear more about how you all deal with this…

  10. Billie Zahir says:

    Yep. I don’t have to be in a small space to freak out either. If air is not moving and hot feel like I am being buried alive. What makes it worse is my desire not to freak out and look like a fool or make others feel uncomfortable. 🙁

    • Ugh, even reading your description makes me feel it again–buried alive. So accurate.

    • Yvonne Chavez says:

      Stagnant air is the worst. I need circulating air at all times. When it rains, I must have the car ac on or windows cracked. Same at a house. I get lightheaded, dizzy and a migraine can emerge when I get insufficient air. I freak out internally. It’s getting bad that the AC or fan are giving me brain freezes, so to speak. I’m getting tired of feeling like this and oddly enough, knowing others feel like this doesn’t make me feel better. I would like to know the name for it and a cure. Does it have to do with lack of blood circulation? I hate this. The heat also exacerbates my mood when I feel stuffed, like I can’t breathe. My first time visiting Arizona and going outside, I recall gasping for air and quickly stepping back inside. The air was excessive hot and humid. I was taken aback by that experience.

      • Jennifer says:

        This is exactly how I feel. It was 90 degrees today and I was only out for 5 minutes and almost passed out. Not sure what is going on but I feel like a fish out of water in the heat. I called my Dr today to make an appt.

  11. I have suffered this for nearly 30 years, however, air temperature does not seem to be a factor. It has come to the point that sometimes a breeze is not enough, I absolutely have to strip down to barely legal levels and feel the breeze on my entire body. I live way out in the Midwestern (USA) fields and have no neighbors in any direction for over a mile so this is not much of a problem when at home. When at work, I keep multiple fans running, aimed straight at my face. This helps most of the time (the less busy I am the more likely an anxiety attack will occur). My co-workers are informed of my situation so if they see me getting anxious will get me outside into open air quickly (usually sending me home for the rest of the day). For me there seems to be a cubic foot/person vs. amount of air movement ratio that if I can keep under that I can cope. I have tried therapies and anxiety med’s and so far nothing helps other than avoidance. My biggest problem with this is that when the anxiety starts, causing an adrenalin reaction, I become agitated/aggressive so being on an airplane or bus is really not a good idea and doctor appointments, especially dentist become very interesting. I am curious however if any of you have found a successful therapy.

    • Yvonne Chavez says:

      Don’t you get brain freezes (I really don’t know how else to explain it)? I do. I need it directly hitting my face but I’m often conflicted. I get brain freezes and then I constantly have to manipulate the direction of the air of have it hit the bottom part of my face when I’m in the car.

      • Yvonne Chavez says:

        Even in a room with the fan on. I’m overly sensitive. I’m too sensitive to sound and scent as well. I also have anxiety and migraines. Well how fun! I’m only 33.

        • What happens to me is that as soon as I fall asleep with the a/c of course. I maybe catnap for about half an hour and then wake up feeling like I am stifiling, out of breath, also in the bathroom I cant stand under the shower I feel as though I am drowning!!1 what is this?

  12. I swear you’re talking to me! I have tried googling what it could be…I dont have a fear of being in a closed space…I actually dont even think abt the panic attacks…they happen when im in the shower sometimes too. I can open the shower door for cool air and it helps. Sometimes I just hurry out bc I get dizzy and I HAVE to lay down in the cool air under my fan. I cant have my head under a blanket either. Getting in a small space doesnt bother me unless I get too hot/start breathing in just hot air. Id love to know if this is something other than claustrophobia.

    • I feel the same way. Its the lack of oxygen and when the room is stuffy I cant breath and I also have extra fans running. If you do have medical analizes done please let me know because I suffer from the same thing!

      • I feel the same way. I dont feel claustrophobic I just feel like I cant breath when it gets too hot and stuffy in a room. I always sleep with several fans. I cant even sleep with a blanket on because I get too hot and I cant breath. It feels like im not getting enough air when it gets too hot.

  13. I’m so excited to have found this article. I almost quit my job today because the two girls I work with insisted on having the heating turned right up. We have no windows that open and the room was so stuffy that I really started to panic and had to go home. Of course they had no idea what was going on, and neither did I really, now I feel so much relief. I’m still gonna check out your article on jobs for HSPs though, I have such a strong desire to find something more rewarding…

    • Hi Chip, I’m glad the article was helpful to you!! Just hearing about a hot room with no windows makes me feel suffocated! Ugh. Maybe you could get a small fan in your work area?

      • Same here….i really dont understand myself..everytime im into hot and close places..cant breath..its really hard.. Im afraid already.. Dunno what to do.. I think i need to meet a psychiatrist already.. Pls help this anxiety disorder?

        • Hi Elsa, I’m not a professional, but if this is causing you a great deal of stress, then it might be a good idea to ask a medical professional for advice. Hang in there 🙂

    • Oh my goodness this is me. I much prefer to be cold than hot. You can always add a layer, right? I can’t bear to be on a hot train. Once I cried on a train because it was so hot that I felt I couldn’t breathe. It was awful. I was travelling with my boss and he just said “think about something else” – Pah!!!

      At work it causes issues because people don’t want the windows open – I just have to have a blast of cool air and one girl when I said you could put on a cardigan replied “I don’t want to wear a cardigan”! I said that there was only so much I could take off before it became indecent!

      She’s now moved out of the office and I feel like the Wicked Witch of the West!

      I also find that my body doesn’t seem to regulate temperature very well, for instance I will have to put on, take off, put on, take off a jacket if the temperature is borderline. In winter if I go walking, I often end up with just a t-shirt on carrying various other pieces of clothing because my body feels like it will stop functioning if I’m too hot.

      Anyway, at least I’ve found some other freaky people to make me feel a little less freakish!! (Please don’t take that the wrong way 🙂 )

  14. Finally found a person I can relate to regarding to the stress/discomfort caused by heat and no air movement! 🙂 I used to think that I was crazy when I had to walk a long way to my car in the underground parking lot, and become restless and then frantically panic if the walk lasted for more than a minute. I feel nervous and have to take deep breaths to calm myself down, which my boyfriend hates it sometimes as he claims my ‘extreme reactions’ draws unwanted attentions and is pretty embarrassing… 🙁

  15. Hello, I agree with all of you. Except the air doesn’t even have to be stagnant (although that’s a major factor), sometimes it’s just when I’m in an enclosed-feeling space that’s hot. Sometimes the feeling just suddenly rushes over me like a slap in the face and I can’t feel it coming, then I have to get out of the situation for a while or go outside/open the window to get fresh air. In those times, COLD is the most refreshing thing, even if it’s freezing cold.

    Sometimes it’s not even in an abnormal situation, just when I’m sitting with my partner.

    Sometimes it just hits me if I’m doing something which gets my adrenalin going (for example recently I was playing a game, I came up to a perceived hard part (turns out it wasn’t) but I had to go to my bed for about half an hour, just to wind down from it and try it again. Feels like a lot is going on.

    I also have used a drenched cloth for releif, sometimes going to bed with it and moving it around my body.

    Thankyou and I’m thinking of posting on here quite a bit more! I enjoy reading these experiences and it’s important to be discussed.

  16. Hi,
    It is so comforting to read all your experiences, until now I thought I was the only one and felt so isolated. I also feel suffocated or trapped in most situation, off late it is getting worst. Even in an open area I feel I have difficulty breathing. Best thing that works for me is to get up and walk a little and then splash cold water on my face. Sometimes I even get a wet towel and press it on my face and head. I thought it was prescription medicines doing it, but hearing to you all may be it is the heat that is bothering. I was at a religious seminar recently. We had sessions in a very tightly packed room. I had to get up in the middle several times and just run out of the room

  17. Priscilla says:

    I remember decades ago when I was about to graduate from high school. I was in a group with a few students and we were taken on a trip to go visit various college campuses and take tours around the state of Florida. It was summertime and it was ridiculously hot. We were traveling in a van like the one you described. After we took our tour of the university of South Florida we got into the car. I was sitting in the hot van and none of the windows were open, just the side door. The counselor who was driving was standing outside the van and holding the keys in her hand. I remember the beads of sweat rolling down my face and the surging panic inside my chest. I remember staring at her hand and the keys and trying to telepathically communicate the urgent need for her to shut the EFF up and start the damn car. After a few tense seconds I realized she was not getting my signals and I blurted out shouting like I was a protestor carrying a sign demanding change: “KEYS! IGNITION! AIR! NOW!!!!!” And all the people in the car burst out laughing. They made fun of me for a long time after that. I’m glad at least we got a chuckle out of it but I was about to go into a full panic attack, it was very scary for me.

    • I can 100% imagine that situation, and I feel like I would do the same thing!! The panic just rising inside you, getting bigger and bigger until you burst–KEYS! Now!! At least everyone laughed about it. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  18. Priscilla says:

    I also spent 6 weeks in southern India during the tail end of the pleasant weather season. For the last two weeks we were there it started to get ridiculously hot and there was no air conditioning. I met a lovely woman from Australia who suggested to get in the shower fully clothed and then sit under a fan. She may have saved my life. I would take naps in wet clothing and I would wake up completely dry – that is how hot it was!

    • Ugh, just thinking about that makes me feel suffocated! Thank goodness for that interesting tip–I never would have thought of that!

    • selvaraj india says:

      yeah, i am in madurai, south india u referred to. i have same problem, though i was born and brought up here. i have this problem frequently, i avoid such situations like going to enclosed room, traffic snarls etc

  19. I can also relate to this. Three months ago I climbed into the back seat of my son’s small sports car, despite the fact that he said, “I wouldn’t put anybody in the back seat, it’s too small.” I insisted I would be fine. We took off and a few minutes later the feeling began. I felt like I couldn’t breath. It was about 95 degrees and I asked to have the air turned up, my son said that the air didn’t work to well in the car. I needed air so they. rolled down the window. That did no good so I told my son to pull over. We were on a road where that was not possible for at least 5 minutes. These were the longest 5 minutes of my life. I kept telling myself, you are breathing, you can breath. But inside I was so panicked. This was my first panic attack. I had my son and husband drop me off and I waited for them to come back in another car, for a million dollars I was not getting back into that car!

    Last month I had a similar experience on an airplane, They cut the air and the panic immediately started to set in.

    Next time I go to the doctor I will ask for some advice as I can not figure out what is causing these episodes.

    • Oh my goodness, when the air stops on an airplane I feel panicked too–in fact, just reading those words made me feel a bit of anxiety. Thanks for sharing and please follow up if you find a solution!

      • I feel the same way too. When i was traveling travelling manila to doha. It was 8 hours travel. i feel like i cant brethe inside the plane. So i panic. My heart start to beat very fast. And i stand up to get a cool area. when i see the cabin crew i tell them i cant breathe. And the the cavin crew start to panic also And my heart start to beat very fast again because i see the cavin crew that they dont know what to do. Now every time i travel I’m scared to ride in the plane. i feel like i want to go out and tell to the pilot to make a emergency landing. Thanx to the one of the cavin crew their because she talk to me to get my attention to him. is their any solution not to happen it again. Really i’m scared to ride a plane. . Hope you under stand my english. Thank you…!

  20. I have been dealing with this for several years….used to wake up during the night having a panic attack..had to run outside to get air…..when I go to church..I will sit two seats in..but no further…or claustrophobia sets in..and I am ALWAYS opening the windows at church and asking them to turn on the fans..(sometimes even bring my own small hand held battery operated fan)….more people..the hotter it gets…the less I can breathe!..I try to sit near the air conditioning vents when possible….and when I go to other people’s houses…if the air is stagnant…(not moving). I go out to my car and get my fan and take it back into the house with me….I just HAVE to have my air…..not sure if it is an anxiety issue or possibly some kind of asthma….I just can’t get enough air!!!!!! Thankyou everyone for sharing!!!

  21. My girlfriend feels the same way and she is convinced that she needs medication for it. I told her its claustrophobia and linked to something that happened when she was little but she says she has always had these symptoms. I hope your symptoms have home away, and I wish you the best if they have not 🙂

  22. I was so pleased to find this post. I too have been struggling with similar problems for about 3 years.

    This summer I told my doctor again at my yearly check-up that something is just not right that I was not going to leave this time without some new direction and help. I ended up being referred to a specialist who tested my body’s hormone levels, and I found out that my body is out of balance. The main concern is low cortisol…I’m now on massive doses of B complex vitamins and magnesium, which I take at certain times during the day (and a multi-vitamin and extra vitamin C and E) as well as a bioidentical hormone. I’ve been on the new treatment for about a month and have been told take it may take up to 3 months before I see full results.

    The main reason for insisting on help from my doctor was due to feeling totally trapped in rooms without air movement. My profession involves being in front of large groups, and as I have increasing felt panic and even facial sweating over the past few years, I just new that something was wrong and that I needed help. I have also felt a lot of fatigue in recent months and was told that I have adrenal fatigue. The one thing that always helps is to keep air moving around me. I have fans in my office, the classrooms I teach in, and I too have a couple portable fans that I use when the spaces I’m in are uncomfortable, including church.

    I hope these comments may be of help to someone else reading this post…

  23. Praise the heavens I’m not the only one. I can’t have a blanket over my face for long at all before feeling like someone is sticking a blow dryer in my face. Speaking of blow dryers, I have a hard time with those too sometimes. I still use them, but since I’m so sensitive to temperature, it feels like it’s melting my skin off. This also made me think about how I can’t breathe very well when dust is around. If I am in a car with the windows rolled down and there is a car in front blowing dust in my direction, I honestly feel like I am suffocating. The same goes with hairspray. I feel like I am choking. Whenever my roommates spray it, I have to stand at least 20 feet away. It’s strange how certain things make me feel like I can’t breathe at all. The heat does terrible things to me. There have been times when I wake up in the morning feeling so nauseated and hot that I feel as I’m about to puke. I have to sprint downstairs, turn on the fan, and lie down on the couch.

  24. OKay, I might sound like a weird one to you guys.. I’ve always had an issue with still air.. I feel like I need cold fresh air to breathe… Well, in the last few weeks, Its now happening anytime I have sex. I literally can not have him breathing near me. I turn his head and make him breathe in another direction. i can’t breathe in his breath. I can’t find any reasons for it online. I start freaking out though.. Any advice?

    • Hm, maybe you could turn on a fan near you, so you can feel more air movement? I don’t think it’s that weird to not want someone breathing in your face. I can definitely see how that could bug someone. I would definitely try a fan!!

  25. Yes, this happens to me too. The worst is when I get into a car on a hot day and it feels like there is no air to breathe. My panic level zooms to overload in seconds and I feel like if I don’t get out of the car immediately, I will pass out.

    • Yes! Sometimes my husband and I will get in the hot car–and he’ll have the keys since he’s driving–and he doesn’t turn the car on right away or open the windows and I’m like, HURRY UP!!! I need air 🙂

      • I am sooooooooo grateful for this website & for all of you sharing your experiences! I just saw my psychiatrist yesterday & a few minutes into the session I had to ask her if I could open the door because I was sweating profusely & felt like I couldn’t breathe.

  26. I can’t believe I’m not the only one! Recently the passenger side power window switch in my husband’s truck has quit working on my side. Just knowing I can’t open my window if I need to sends me into a panic mode. I have the same issues with so many of the others that have commented on this. I’ve thought that my problem was a “power” thing. I feel like I have to be in control of my surroundings or I panic. Just knowing others have the same issues makes me feel SO much better. Thank you for this post!

  27. I’m glad I found your podcast, Kelly. So much of what you’re describing is how I experience life – the good and the bad. Starting with this example: a two-night-long train trip across the country years ago in an overheated compartment with no windows to open. No one I was traveling with had any trouble, but I suffered that entire trip.
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  28. Hey thank god I’ve found people having the same issue as mine.. Really it’s so hard to breath while a door is closed.. I have this issue i cnt sleep if the window is closed even though the room door and many windowns outside are open.. I feel like am gonna suffocate by a gas leakage or fire will happen and i will not be able to breath if i close the window.. Its so important to me to ooen it at least 1cm i feel relieved.. Thanks for sharing your story it hellped me understand..

  29. I suffer severe anxiety when the steam heat in my old apartment building comes on. I feel like I can’t breathe, my legs become restless, and I gasp for air. It’s the most frightening thing and it took me years to figure out what was triggering it -I’m a pretty relaxed person so I couldn’t figure when I was suffering from these huge panic attacks. Last night the heat came on for the first time, and at 5am I woke up gasping. Sometimes opening the window, running a humidifier and propping myself up to sleep helps. Sometimes Rescue Remedy or homeopathic remedies for anxiety work. And sometimes I go into my med stash. So glad to know I’m not the only one!

  30. Thank goodness I am not mad. Recently in hospital, I had this. Stuffy hot room, no air, fan not working.I had to beg the nurses to open window. I was ready to rip all my tubes out and escape. Please can someone come up with a non chemical solution to this panic attack.
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    • Ugh, that sounds awful!! And add the “trapped” feeling of being in a hospital…I can’t imagine!! The “trapped” feeling is one of the things I fear most. It’s like being suffocated with no end in sight. You are not mad 🙂

  31. Anthony N. says:

    Awesome to read about this.
    I’ve always felt suffocated whenever someone needs to use the car heater.. Well, artificial heat in any matter.

  32. I occasionally experience the “air claustrophobia” as far as breathing, but my biggest issue is my skin can’t seem to breathe if it’s covered, especially by later afternoon or evening. I wear a t-shirt and shorts indoors even in winter time, and by late afternoon, I have to take my shirt off (fortunately I am male) and I instantly feel better. I have searched online and have not found anything related this kind of skin claustrophobia os skin suffocating. Not sure what causes it. I first noticed it in my thirties, and it gets worse with age. Anyone?

    • You are not alone. Ever since my teens I could not stand being hot, with too much clothing. Rarely wear sweaters even in cold climate or during winter in the snow. Prefer tank tops in the summer and to take of my shirt. The feel of cool air flowing over my skin is the best feeling in the world. Cotton is always better, and fleece is Ok when it’s not tight.

  33. Wow I cant believe there is more people like me…. sometimes when I explain to my relatives what I feel they dont understand… and the idea about the travel fan kelly make me laugh as a few weeks ago I though the same thing…. but I was wondering if I was crazy to get a fan and have it in my purse….

    I have always have had the feeling of panic when I dont feel air moving but this year has been worse than ever I hope it doesnt continue worsing… have any of you found a way to control this?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Linda! Thanks for the note. It’s not crazy to have a fan in your purse! Do whatever you need to do to get by! Maybe even just *knowing* you have it will make you feel better! The only way I’ve found to feel better about still, warm air is by somehow getting air movement or fresh air. And also, try to take your mind off it somehow!

  34. Dawn Follin says:

    I am so with you on this topic. I can’t sleep without a fan blowing cooling air around the room. I also can’t sleep if it is the least bit warm in my room.

    Heat is something I cannot tolerate. My ex is from Sweden and I actually wanted to move there because of the cool, crisp air.

    Although I’ve never wet my sheets I can completely empathize with you!

  35. Wow… I’ve been living with this for years and I’ve also never met anyone else who suffers from it. Mine primarily surfaces when I’m in the car, ESPECIALLY in the winter, where you’re outside and it’s cold but then you layer up and get in the car, but of course someone puts the heat on full blast and within minutes I’m trying to crack a window and not get carsick. It happens to a certain extent when I’m in my apartment as well. The worst is when it’s been really rainy and gross outside (I have seasonal affective disorder) and I feel stuck inside without fresh air for hours or days at a time. Even when I get out of a shower and start getting dressed too quickly I start to feel the nauseous, too hot feeling. Never seems to pose a problem when I’m outside and it’s hot though, only in. My mother says I’ve been like this for years. Last winter though we had a long drive from San Antonio back to Houston and I about froze her out of the car even with the heat on because I had to have a window cracked! Same for my fiance when we went to visit Michigan. Ah well, at least we all know we’re not the only ones now hey? 🙂

  36. Jenny Sennett says:

    HI every1, jst wanted to share my experience & helpful remedies I’ve used for this weird & scary feeling of crawl outta your skin, claustrophobic, enclosed phobia, panic attack situation… I jst starting experiencing these since we have turned the heat up in the house & couldn’t understand why I was having them, but reading all your input has lead me to believe its due to the increased heat environment in our bedroom, I know have a cool air/mist humidifier by bionaire, I love it, it has settings & a fan, it has helped me alot! I still have a few spells here & there but it could be from the low water in the refill container needing more or the air filter needing to be changed. I too find that wetting my nose w/ water like a cat helps me when I wake up outta a dead sleep feeling I cant breathe, so a bottle of water next to the bed is also very soothing, not to mention at times a 0.5 xanax if needed, I hate taking pills of any kind but I truley believe in the natural herb brand Standard process that has worked wonders for helping me sleep & its all natural its called Min-tran I take 2 to 3 tablets before bed & it helps me sleep through out the night pretty good w/ out any grog or side affects! I hope this will help some of you cause It is a very SCARY helpless feeling that I wouldnt wish on any1. So I jst wanted to share from my experience. I plan on talking to my doctor as well for some medical input. I wish you all the best & pray for comfortable days & sleepful nights!

  37. I’m a 54 year old male, and my intolerance of heat seems to be getting worse each year – especially during winter. I recently went to a movie with my family but had to walk out because it was too hot. I avoid riding in someone else’s car, especially in winter, because I know it’ll be too hot. I’ve taken a fan when I travel for years – partly for the air movement and partly for the noise. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to begin controlling this because it’s definitely affecting me socially. It’s really hard to find information but finding this site at least assures me I’m not alone in this!

  38. Hi All,
    Well, I’m feeling a bit more easy now I’ve read this and all the comments. Thank you 🙂

    I am 46 in 6 days, diagnosed many years ago with S.A.D (had depression several winters as a result, and panic attacks/anxiety at the thought of returning S.A.D. lows).

    Been pretty good and stable for years, ever since moving to UK south coast (brighter for me). Recently noticed feelings of being hemmed in and overwhelmed. Had one just a short while ago while I was sitting at home and eating dinner. Only felt better after I removed several layers of clothes (been wrapped up as it’s cold outside), opened window, moved around a bit and went to bathroom.

    My partner and I, both have to have bedroom window open during night, heating off. As soon as we wake up we want to be outside in the air (no appetite for breakfast until we get out). We like to sit outside at cafes. Only settle inside later in evenings, after we’ve been out all day.

    I have to take Codeine and Paracetamol daily (Fibromyalgia and restless legs). I also supplement with 5-HTP at bedtime (200mg) and vitamin D3 daily (during winter).

    I find repeating to myself “I focus on this fabulous moment” helps, along with using mobile phone (FB and internet), and other distractions like talking with others.

    I hadn’t realised until writing this, that I have a habit of changing my clothes as soon as I come in. Reducing the layers and taking off boots and socks.

    Today I didn’t do that (thought I was going out later), so kept outdoor clothes on and only felt uncomfortable after I had pottered around to make myself a meal and was sitting down, eating it.

    Don’t know if it means anythibg, but I love looking at the sky and hearing wibd/air moving.

    Thanks again for making me feel in good company. Hopefully we can all understand and resolve this 🙂

    • After posting this I thought about times as a kid when I used to put coat on and sit outside on the doorstep. Thought this was S.A.D. related, but now not so sure about this??

    • Hi Dawn, thanks for sharing. I almost always change my clothes after coming in as well, especially if I was wearing work clothes. It’s similar to how I immediately wash off makeup when I get home, too.

      I like you mantra “I focus on this fabulous moment”…I should try that. I also love looking at the sky when it’s quiet….at night or during the day.

      It sounds like you are doing a good job figuring out what you need to feel comfortable. If you need to change clothes or open windows–so be it!! 🙂

  39. I don’t like the heating on in a car, it makes me feel really hot , and I feel like I can’t breathe sometimes. I can’t have the heating up high in the house 21 degrees centigrade is a comfortable temperature. When I am in people’s homes and the heating is up high, I get hot and feel uncomfortable. Same on public transport and in shops.

  40. Hello everyone! I can’t tell you all how relieved I am to find this site and to read about everyone else’s feelings and experiences because I truly believed that I was starting to go out of my mind. I have always been very heat intolerant–especially dry, artificial heat. It feels smothering, dry, and very uncomfortable to me. I prefer a cooler climate especially while I’m sleeping. Although my husband does not share my preferences, he has come to terms with mine, and has given up the “battle of the thermostat” and the constant opening and closing of the bedroom heat register. For some reason, and it may have something to do with a recent switch in medications, I am not sure, this winter (we are in Michigan) has been especially brutal and I feel like I am literally dying at times. My skin crawls because of the dryness, I feel like I am breathing in nothing my dry air and I feel like I am constantly suffocating when the heat is on. I did purchase a good humidifier and it puts out a good amount of moisture. I also make sure to fill it daily and it runs all day and night. It has helped some, but I still feel a much higher sensitivity to the dry heat than I ever have before. Last night I experienced my first panic attack and I literally DID think I was dying. When I went to bed, I pulled more than one blanket over myself because it was cold in the bedroom and I knew it would be very cold overnight. I also have two cats who insist on sleeping on either side of me—one sleeps pretty close to me. I woke up after being asleep about an hour, feeling totally hot, stuffy, dry, and I had a cat right up against either side of me. I thought I would just go back to sleep but all of the sudden a feeling of panic came over me so fast that I had to shoot out of bed and get up…I thought I was going crazy. I sat on the edge of the bed for a minute or two and feeling would not subside.. It’s so hard to describe. I didn’t know whether to run outside or get myself to the hospital or what! I just felt like everything was closing in on me and I could not take a breath…it was terrifying!! My husband was just coming out of the shower when I came out into the living room (he works a late shift and had just got home) I told him what happened and then sat with him watching TV for awhile until I felt like I could go back in and try to go back to sleep—which I did without any further problem–but boy, did that scare me like nothing else has ever scared me before! This morning it dawned on me what had happened and I looked it up and sure enough, it was a panic attack and I’m pretty sure brought on by the feeling of being trapped as I laid there thinking about how uncomfortable I was..and how suffocated I felt! I just hope that does not happen again and from now on, when I am feeling that uncomfortable, I will do something about it before it gets to that point! Sorry for rambling and thanks again for being here and making me feel a little bit less “abnormal” than I did! 🙂

    • Hi Susan, I can totally understand the situation you described. Panic attacks are so scary. I’m glad finding this post helped you a bit. I think it’s such a big step just to realize and acknowledge what happened!

  41. You are not alone. I have that problem usually when in hospitals . If the air is not moving or if the patient is hurting or in pain I hyperventilate. It takes up 30 minutes for me to get myself back together sometimes longer.

  42. I absolutely know how you feel! I often would tell people that I am a bit claustrophobic, but it is really heat/ lack of air movement and not having control over leaving that makes me panic. I have major trouble keeping calm when sitting in booths, or in the middle seat of a long table with my back to the wall, or in the middle seats in a theatre, or being anywhere without an open window, or easy access to a door. I used to carry a water bottle with me all the time because having something cool/cold to touch helped. Often, I can calm down if I get out of my seat and see that it is possible, and that people in my way will let me put, but that doesnt always work because I would need to ask the people to let me in and out several times before I am comfortable and I am usually too afraid of annoying/angering them to do it. Loud noise is also a trigger for me, especially when in a situation where I can’t come and go without asking people to let me out. I suffered through this for over 10 years, and it slowly got worse…to the point that I was so anxious before going somewhere new that I would start worrying about the room temperature and the seating arrangements up to a week before the event, and if I wasnt the driver I couldnt get into the car unless I was in the front passenger seat, the AC was on or the heat off, and the music and talking was at a low volume. It was horrible! I dont know what this type of phobia is called; it some sort of control issue I think, with heat/air flow and noise being the triggers. I noticed it started after I had a horrible head cold that caused my ears to be so congestes/whatever that I could barely hear. I finally told my doctor about all of my symptoms a couple of years ago and I am now taking an anti-anxiety medicine that has taken away all of those problems. I dont like being dependent on medication but I am so much happier and enjoy going to things without being worried and anxious the entire time. I am so happy to find this pafe and relaize that I am not alone in this!!

    • Hi Yvette, thank you for sharing your story. I’m so glad you were able to find medication that helps you. I don’t see anything wrong with taking medicine that can help you; modern medicine is amazing!!!

  43. I too am happy to find this sight. I’ve had this problem for a few years. My problem is my husband he likes to keep the house really warm in the winter 74 degrees and I am going out to the garage to get some air. or when we get in he car in the summer and he hasn’t turned the air on right away, I am ready to get out of the car.

  44. I have had these occurences for several years. I can’t stand to be in a room without moving air. I don’t have any problem with elevators for some reason. But the van story really hit home. I used to be able to ride buses, airplanes…even sit comfortably while someone else was driving. No more. The cool bottle of water trick…I do that. I also keep my purse nearby so I can fidget through it and not scream”stop the car!” when I’m not driving. Once, at Silver Dollar City-a local amusement park–we were on the train at Christmas time. I had a sudden panic attack and actually jumped off of the train as it was leaving the depot. Scared the attendant–and my family–half to death. I just couldn’t do it. I don’t go on rides anymore at all. I have learned to not do ALL the driving–though sometimes it’s tough. Sometimes at night…if I’m too warm, I jump up & start walking the floor. In all panic instances, I feel like I can’t heart pounds..and for some reason, the right side of my head gets instantly congested–which makes the panic even worse.
    While I’m glad to know I’m not alone. ..I wish there was something out there that could help us all–permanently.

  45. Im never without a bottle of water to soak my neck bamdana with water trickle down my back.! going crazy lately just knowing when i hear oweather forecast is a heat wave. I immediately try to figure how I can get out of town..even a little north of so.CA. I also cant sleep until I wet wash clothes to cool my pillow; and air conditioner on too..I can only sleep with with a.c. on.. so. California has drought and heat trying to figure if there is a perfect place to live without a/c..soo expensive..I need to be off the grid to breathe without utilities. Is it control issue? if you had traumatic CHILD hood?

    • Hi Jeanne, I don’t know if it is due to a traumatic childhood. Have you talked to a therapist about this? I wonder if anxiety medication could help. Because when I start to feel stifled, the *anticipation* of the feeling is what freaks me out. It builds and builds until I feel suffocated. Do you feel that way, too?

  46. I have the same reactions
    When I was younger, my parents got divorced and my grandparents had to drive me to their house after they picked me up from school one day, and it was the beginning of spring, and I was in the car for about ten minutes and I started sweating and breathing really heavily. The windows weren’t able to go down, and the air conditioning was all messed up but my brother and grandparents didn’t mind. I started crying and screaming and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. This usually happens when I’m in a heated car for more than 15 minutes, and I usually have major panic attacks in the car during the winter time when traffic is bad and the heat is cranked all the way up and im wearing a ton of coats.

  47. holy yes i can relate, maybe not as bad as i cannot stand or feel the need to vomit but it feels horrible. it relates to claustrophobic? never would have known. No one feels it, just me its makes me sound picky when we do things like i need air conditioning on or dude i cant this place is horrible but thank you for posting this.
    and thing is i LIVE in thailand… its so humid if you ever go a day in summer without a/c = dead

    • YES–I hate feeling like I sound picky, too–totally! The first time my husband and I backpacked in Thailand, we were on a budget but I INSISTED that we had to have A/C in all our rooms. It usually only ended up costing $5-$10 more per night, and he made fun of me about it, but I just could not handle the stifling humidity without it…let alone sleep! Where do you live?

  48. Finally, a kindred spirit!! I feel the same about warm air in closed spaces. On top of that, I have Graves which means intolerance for heat, even in the open air. I suffer and feel completely misunderstood. And I always feel so all alone in this. People make fun of me when I walk around with a wet towel around my neck when at work they make me vacume the still closed store or when in winter I walk outside with a red face and my coat on the arm. My neighbours may have spotted me in the backyard in my undees, in the snow, trying to cool down. I shop on the web as much as I can because I cannot bare the intense, stuck hot air in most stores. When travelling by train, I stay in the unheated space between wagons. I carry a fan around at all times. It’s good to now I have fellow sufferers.

  49. I don’t have a fear of confined places or anything like that but I just have this breathing there’s not enough air for me to breathe in when I’m in stuffy places and when my body temperature rises above the room temperature. Does it still make me claustrophobic or is there any other name for my breathing problems? Hehe

    • Hi Kim, I’m not sure about a specific name for what you are experiencing (you may want to ask a medical professional or therapist? I’m not an expert!) but I can relate. It’s like an anxiety, a terrible anxiety. Just thinking about it makes me feel a little suffocated 🙂

  50. i soo am the same way i cant breath wenh its like that i thought i was the only one

  51. What seems common for most of us is the loss of control in these stuffy, hot, close environments. If I am driving I can stand a few seconds of intense heat in the hot Florida sun because I know I can remedy the problem momentarily. When someone else is driving I become anxious almost immediately if they are not quick to turn on the AC or at least open the windows. I think this applies to sitting on an airplane or the fear of being stuck in an elevator or riding in an overstuffed taxi van in Uganda with no room to move. This will create panic especially if it is hot. A few years ago my wife and I visited NYC and took in the Empire State building in February. They stuffed the elevator full of people all with heavy winter coats. I needed to really think about something else for the 60 seconds or so it took to get to the top. I envision the elevator getting stuck and I fear a full blown panic attack would overtake me. I have this when I travel to Africa and have to sleep in rooms with little air circulation. I take a bit of comfort knowing there are always small air vents up near the ceiling in most all African dwellings. If possible, I try to open whatever window is nearby, against the wishes of my hosts (mostly because of safety reasons). This indicates to me that the thought of being closed in or closed up is worse than the actual temperature in the room. For example, I cannot sleep in an undercooled hotel room. My family knows about this and while they joke with me a bit they know it is serious. Once, when staying with my son, daughter in law and their 4 children in a suite the air conditioning was ineffective and I found myself getting up and down numerous times having to go into the bathroom to find a cool bit of tile. I ended up walking the halls at 3:30 am. We actually moved to a hotel across the street for the next 2 nights, mainly on my insistence.
    But my all time traumatic experience was traveling in Minsk, Belarus in January. A friend of mine was with me. We were teaching at a school for 2 weeks. We were offered an overnight trip to Moscow by train and I had been warned about how notoriously hot Russian trains were. In fact the guide who went with us said he hated Russian trains because they were too hot. He said this on the way to the train station. I almost told my friend I was not going but then he would not have gone alone and would have missed this once in a lifetime chance to see Moscow. I wrestled with my fears the whole way to the station in Minsk. I figured if necessary I would step outside the enclosed sleeping car (sleeps 4 people) all night long and stand between the cars just to get some fresh air. To compound matters there is a lot of cigarette smoking in Eastern Europe which makes the air even more oppressive. When we arrived in the sleeping compartment I quickly scouted out the heat source and discovered it came out of vents on the floor. I had the bright idea of taking all of our winter coats and stuffing them down by the vents, scarfs, gloves, the whole deal. I suppose I could have burned the train down but I did not care. This actually limited and diffused the heat sufficiently to keep the room tolerably cool. In addition I placed my head as close to the frost covered window as possible (it was around 0 F outside) and this provided another whisp of coolness. When I realized about 3 am (after also taking an ambien) that my plan was working I was ecstatic and fell asleep until we were awakened for breakfast around 6 am. We did the same thing on the way back the next night. I probably trashed our coats but this was a small price to pay for my sanity.
    A doctor friend of mine and I talked about going to a baseball game this coming July and he asked me if I was willing to stay at his mother’s house instead of at a hotel. He naturally wants to see her if possible so I said sure. Now I am wondering how hot her house will be. Just projecting on this from 2 months away gives me anxiety, so you can see how we set ourselves up for difficulty. The funny thing is we all CAN breath in hot stuffy rooms but I cannot convince my mind that this is the case, so I suffer from the same thing as most of you.
    So now I am going back to my room, the air is set on 70 which in Florida seems cool enough for me especially since it drains the humidity out the environment. But I am comforted every time I hear the AC come on. I used to worry about the monthly bill, but no more. An extra 40-50 per month is nothing compared to medical intervention due to sleep deprivation. Even my wife who is usually cold now appreciates the cooler temperature in the room. In the winter on cooler nights in North Florida we will not use the heat at all and the room will get down to around 62.That is about my wife’s toleration point. The window will usually be cracked a bit at least on my side of the room. I do not want my body to be cold, I use the electric blanket to warm up the bed in the winter and then turn it off to sleep, I just don’t want my face to be hot. That is the problem most of us face.
    I just stumbled upon your site and find most everyone’s experiences to relate closely to my own. Thanks.

    • Bob, I can 100% relate to your coats-on-the-floor story as well as wondering if a place you’ll be staying in will be air conditioned or not! I, too, worry about the same things!!

  52. Jessica says:

    I feel the exact same way!!! My husband thinks I’m crazy, but it is terrifying!! I like in hot, humid Tennessee so I feel this a lot and I can’t stand it:(

  53. Clarice says:

    I feel the same way. Glad to know I’m not the only one to experience this thing. The first time I experienced this was 4-5 years ago (I’m almost 19 now). My friends and I decided try to know how many people can fit in a hula hoop. It feels so hot and hard to breathe even if we were in an air conditioned room. That feeling when you can’t move and can’t feel air on your face made me feel breathless and i just wiggled may way out of the hoop and ran out of the room just to feel fresh air.
    Also I can’t stand a long time of group hugs. Now, I feel this way everytime we had to gather around the chef’s table to watch the demonstration (so, i feel this way almost everyday).
    At first I thought I was claustrophobic but realized it can’t be because I can ride crowded trains and be in a crowded elevator (Or maybe i’m just used to it, it doesn’t bother me anymore). I really hope there’s a name for this thing we feel and experience.

  54. Hi everyone…
    I actually don’t have this kind of phobia but my brother seems to have it. It actually “started” some weeks ago while he was taking a shower, he felt he couldn’t breath and had sort of tightness in the chest.Two days ago, he had another attack, but it continued with some other attacks that day ,so my parents worried alot and went with him to visit a doctor.Before they went to the doctor my dad checked his blood pressure and heart rate, and they were pretty high, but when the doctor checked it again it was lower. The doctor did not mentioned the possibility of my brother having claustrophobia,he said it might have been because of the weather but I actually don’t agree with that theory because my brother is having these attacks often recently and I don’t belive it has to do with the weather. I think he is claustrophobic because of the symptoms he has, and he always is very careful and feels very uncomfortable towards closed,hot or crowded places even though he never experienced something in the childhood that could be a past experience.It would be very generous if you would share your opinion about his case. Thank you for the consideration.
    Linda recently posted…Highly Sensitive Men: successes & strugglesMy Profile

  55. This just happened to me this morning. I awoke from a dream of smothering with the nightstand fan in my face and all the house windows open, but no matter, the air was devoid of oxygen and I couldn’t breathe. I live in the desert and in the summer it is a complete hellhole. I’ve woken up from dreams of feeling smothered several times here, usually with my face buried in the pillow or under the covers, and for long periods have endured plugged up sinuses from all the pollens and dust, but this is the first time there seemed to be no apparent cause other than the still warm air of the morning. Turning on the AC made it worse somehow because that’s artificial air and there was no air in the house to begin with. I sometimes speculate that it may have something to do with how the house was built, with all its dependence on unnatural materials like the blown-in insulation in the attic, which simply lies there uncontained.

  56. So I can totally relate to your story, when my little sister has the fan to herself and we are in our room i get this feeling where i cant breathe. I freak out and start crying once i get the fan hitting me i have no problems but ive been searching for someone who can relate to what im feeling. And thank you for sharing your story i finally know that im not the only one who has that same problem

  57. I constantly need air movement. I carry a paper hand fan with me always because I can’t breathe. Right now my ac is on, two fans on high and and air purifier and I still feel like I may panic because it’s difficult to breathe. You are not alone.

  58. I have the same problem, having the issue right now.. it’s so stuffy, i’m feeling a great deal of panic, my chest is tight and my air is restricted.

    worst case for me is i get it before i try to sleep, and it’s almost like i stop breathing for a second, then come up for air quickly, scares the cr@p out of me. have to sleep by a open window..

    if anyone can help, i need a way desperatly to try settle myself.


  59. I definitely have these problems too, but mostly since I became ill with “ME” 15 years ago, when I became hypersensitive to everything. Any slight changes in atmospheric pressure and humidity often causes oxygen hunger as well as profuse sweating and headaches/migraine. I seem to instinctively know that I should never board a plane due to the effects of air pressure and any confinement in lifts, cars etc. can bring on feelings of panic.

  60. It’s like you talking about me . Yesterday I wena to church . I sat next to the window and everything was good up until they close the door..I felt like my last breathe is coming. I just run out of the church. This is bothering me so much now. I can’t were necklaces, bracelet, poloneck cos they stop my breathing

  61. I hope I am not repeating too much since I did not read every post but like most of you, I feel the majority of my anxiety stems from stale air and the feeling trapped (not necessarily close or lack of space).
    I have also noticed a few other triggers. Sometimes sitting/laying next to my spouse and making body contact with, for example, just her arm pressing against my arm. If I let myself think about the contact it overtakes everything else and I have to move or get away. Another weird one was my wedding ring. I was trying to remove it one day and couldn’t get it off immediately, which happens most of the time and is usually not an issue. This time, my mind took me to the same awful place and I started to panic about not being able to escape the ring. I felt foolish and can’t explain the reason for the panic but it was there.
    As others have also mentioned, just reading about some of the issues makes me feel like I need to escape.
    One solution that has helped me (and may hopefully help some of you) is to logically think about some of these situations (when I am in a good mental state and good environment with lots of cool air flow) and realize that as long as there is some air, even stale, I will not die. The next step, in my mind only, is that if I feel like I can’t escape the situation, then I just need to go to sleep right where I am. I don’t think about how illogical that is, I just tell myself to go to sleep. I do this in my mind and find that the panic goes away. I know it isn’t realistic, but this type of self therapy has reduced my anxiety.
    I honestly thought that I had it beaten and didn’t need to work on it anymore, but it recently started to come back with a vengeance. That’s when I found this site.
    It may be that this is something that I will always have to work on (like AA) to stay anxiety free.
    Stan Weinberg recently posted…Podcast Ep. #48: CondolencesMy Profile

    • Hi Stan, thanks for your comment. I totally relate to a feeling of being trapped. Even like not being able to remove your wedding ring–you can’t stop thinking about it and just have to get it off. I like how you deal with these feelings, though. Sometimes it is difficult to achieve the clarity you mentioned, to have enough to talk rationally to yourself. It makes a lot of sense though. It’s like when I start to have anxiety on airplanes–I talk rationally to myself and sometimes it helps. 🙂

  62. Hello, I realize this is an old post but because of the severity of my most recent panic attack, thought I would comment. I am grateful for your website and finally understanding that I am a little different and being okay with who I am. I have never met anyone with similar “issues.” I’ve always known certain things that I need to avoid in order to deflect a panic attack. For instance, saunas, I will not go in them because it’s a trigger for me. Warm/ hot stale air is a trigger. At the hair salon, I can’t sit under the hair dryer or have a blow dryer aimed at my face. Again, avoiding my triggers is essential. When a panic attack starts, I use distraction, avoidance or knowing the simple fact that it will pass shortly, to get thru it.
    However this past week I encountered a new situation. Being an HSP, I am very sensitive to repetitive noise. The thought of being trapped in a room with someone constantly tapping on a wall, well that would literally drive me insane. This week we had a heat wave pass thru Northern Minnesota. So naturally we installed the window air conditioners. The heat and humidity was non-stop for 5 days, therefore the AC ran non-stop as well. Well, it put me over the edge. The combination of the sound of the AC and the different room temperatures sent me into consistent TRUE panic attacks that lasted all 5 days. I felt terror for the first time in my life – I couldn’t eat or drink, my bowels would just liquefy, I couldn’t be alone or turn off the lights. I became obsessed with finding a hotel with central air (not a glorified window unit) to the tune of spending nearly $2000 over a five day period. The only thing that saved me was a recent prescription for Xanax for an upcoming trip overseas. Of course I was desperate to see my doctor and yesterday she put me on 2 anxiety meds plus I have Xanax for emergencies. The weather has cooled off, getting central air installed tomorrow and made an apt to see a therapist. I frightened my husband and myself because this was the first time that I “couldn’t get out of my own head.” What I thought were panic attacks in the past were more like anxiety attacks. The terror that I felt with this was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Overall I checked this website for a connection between HSPs and this type of phobia or anxiety. Very interesting to have found your posts. Thank you for sharing insight to this!!

    • Hey there,
      I found this website because I too have been having feelings of panic anytime I don’t have cool air moving on me. I also relate to your repetitive noise issue. You may want to check with your doctor to see if you have adrenal fatigue. I was diagnosed with that several years ago and take something for my adrenals now and am much better. I can tell though that when I get stressed or if I forget to take the medicine the repetitive noise thing gets worse. Bet of luck. Now, hopefully I can figure out how to deal with this air issue.

  63. Evelyn Gelera says:

    I feel the same way too..i thought its my end,,dont want to happen it again????

  64. hi, i thank u all . i feel the same thing also..pls post some other things that can help us during our trip ,cause i am planning for a trip but i am kindda scare..

  65. I have been having episodes of feeling trapped and almost complete panic attacks for the past 2 yrs. It’s mostly while having sex and he is on top. I feel trapped even though I know I’m not. Why is this happening?

  66. I’m only 13, but this happens to me very often. Extreme heat, especially when the air is still, sends me into a sense of panic. I can be stand out in the open, in the middle of a field. and I’ll still start panicking. I think it’s mostly the way that my body reacts to heat, because if the air is still but it’s cold, I’ll be perfectly fine. It gets really annoying, though, because it’s hard to work outside when I start feeling claustrophobic. I hope that someday I’ll just grow out of it, but if this keeps happening to me into adulthood, I’m going to ask my doctor about it.

  67. Hey guy’s here my problem is some elevated condition why I don’t know actually what will happened when I travel by bus train bike every thing is normal ie.environment temp cloud humidity every thing but after travel when I reach to my destination than after half an hour my body temp will go high that can felt by another person but I am feeling normal while also I feel temp is ooges from my body I don’t feel any abnormality inside of my body

  68. I completely know what you mean. I’ve never had a panic attack until two Christmases ago. I was stuck in a line of traffic, moving slowly looking at Christmas lights, and had drunk a giant drink and was about to literally explode. I felt so irrational like I was going to pull up to a stranger’s house and ask to use their restroom. It was freezing cold outside, but for whatever reason I *had* to have the windows down with that icy cold air blowing on me. My heart was racing and I just felt overwhelmed with panic. I know my family thought I had lost it and my poor kids were freezing. I’ve been in several situations since then, once in church, where there were a ton of people and the air was very hot. I’m an administrator for a school and a teacher was talking to me about some things coming up. I couldn’t focus on anything she was saying, I was so panicked because the air was so hot and still. I didn’t calm down until I was in my car with the a/c blasting on me. I live in Texas and it happened again today. I was out with my family in the brutal heat and was fine when suddenly the oppressive heat and stillness of the air made me feel like I was suffocating and losing my mind. Again, the car a/c saved me from complete panic. I also need to be in control of my car window and feel panicked and trapped if I don’t have the ability to roll it down. I think I will discuss it with my doctor, but I am certainly glad to see I’m not alone *and* glad to see it wasn’t necessarily the symptom of some fatal disease! 😉

  69. I can completely sympathize with the experiences people are having. The form my anxiety attacks have been taking is that I will suddenly feel like my own skin is suffocating me. I will wake up in the middle of the night and I will feel fine for a few seconds, then suddenly- it’s like every pore in my skin has closed! My immediate reaction is to jump up and get to an open window, and I have to pace around. Sometimes I even need to go outside and walk back and forth, Needless to say, this is very inconvenient when it’s cold outside, because I will be freezing and exhausted, but still feel like I can’t get oxygen, and all I want to do is get back under the warm covers and go to sleep. A few things that help me are as follows: keep a fan on, leave windows open (weather permitting), sleep under loosely woven natural fibers, use nasal strips to keep me feeling like I’m getting enough air, use Vick’s vapo-rub under my nose, suck on a menthol cough drop, take melatonin before bed, supplement with magnesium (especially Natural Calm brand before bed), and practice breathing exercises. One exercise example is to recline in a comfortable position and breathe in through your nose for a count of five (so that your stomach rises, NOT your chest), hold for a count of five, then breathe out through your mouth for a count of five. Once I’ve done this ten times, I’m much calmer. I am also going to see a therapist. I’ve always had issues with some level of anxiety and/or depression, but I’ve quit taking Adderall recently because it seemed to be causing unpredictable mood swings and more of these anxiety episodes at night. Now I’m getting them even in the day- so I hope they’ll abate to a more normal frequency (or go away entirely) soon. I recently had a sleep study done and woke up needing to use the restroom. While I was waiting for an attendant to come unhook my monitors from the wall, I had an episode. Two aides had to let me out of the room and walk around the outside perimeter of the hospital with me! My most recent was last night, when my husband and I were out to dinner with an out-of-town relative. He was talking about nighttime deep-sea diving and just the image of wearing the suit and having that much water on top of me made another episode start. I had to excuse myself from the restaurant and walk a few laps outside. It’s getting pretty frustrating. Also, I can never see it coming- the thoughts and “panic” don’t come first, it’s the feeling of suddenly suffocating and having an immediate reaction to it. Still air is the worst- I think that’s why I have to walk, because it creates the illusion of air movement around me. A/C doesn’t help very much, because it feels like it’s pushing “fake” air into the room. I might just need to start carrying a folding fan in my purse- I can say I’m trying to bring back the style of the Victorian era. 😉 I really wonder how many of these issues are due to hormonal/thyroid imbalances that are undiagnosed.

  70. There are too many comments to read if someone else has mentioned my theory, so here it is!

    I have anxiety. Anxiety makes my heart race and core temperature go up. When I feel hot it triggers my anxiety because it feels the same physiologically. So doing things that cool me down like holding ice or putting an ice pack on my head/chest helps. Learning to deep breath and practicing when I am feeling good, not just when anxious. Being aware of your triggers in also important. Also having understanding with yourself that you are not crazy and something physical I really happening. Take a spray bottle me mist yourself in front of a fan. Drink ice water. Lay down and breath slowly. Plan what you will do to help yourself ahead of time.

  71. Wow this is intetesting, Ive been having these problems as well twice on a bus and even in open air situations. Ive had blood pressure test and its normal and have been thinking anxiety except My heart dose not race. I also feel like fainting and need to lay down, I have actually passed out briefly twice. Has anyone else got to the point that they have passed out or feel faint?. I am learning to drink cold water, wash my face or find fresh air to help. I was thinking blood pressure again today as it happen in an outdoor environment. Ive just been reading all these post but havnt come across anyone feeling faint or actually painting. Any comments on my situations please.

    • Hi Kellie, have you asked a doctor about the fainting? Maybe it is related to low blood pressure, but I wouldn’t want to make assumptions since I’m not a medical professional. I have not fainted in these situations myself.

  72. Hi, i can relate to you all as well, When i was younger i had to sit in the back of a 2 door sports car and had my girlfriend sitting on my lap so basically 6 of us squished into this car which brought on the intial panic.
    Now years later as a grown man i am still trying to cope. Just today using my country’s public transportation i was squished into the backseat of a car and that brought on another panic.
    Does anyone know of any techniques or meds that can help me cope?

  73. This is so me! I’ve always liked cooler weather and air, especially when sleeping. My bedroom is upstairs and a few years ago I installed a ceiling fan in my bedroom and turn it on every night year round. This summer I was on vacation with my daughter in a hot and dry town, We stayed in a family oriented hostel that was an older non-air conditioned home. Our room was small and upstairs. The first night I was OK. The second night I could not cool off and felt like I couldn’t breathe. I tried laying on the couch downstairs, went outside to breathe, paced the room, put wet washcloths on my face, put ice packs on my chest and against my back where my kidneys are to try and cool down. I’m sure I was having an anxiety attack. I was *this close* to calling 911 and going to a hospital. It was the worse feeling I’ve ever had. Since then just thinking about it stresses me out. I’ve had a few times since then, not as bad, but I have to talk myself into believing I was OK. It is such a desperate feeling. Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences. I take some comfort in knowing it’s not just me – I’m not going crazy even if it feels like it sometime.
    Natalie recently posted…One step forward….one step back.My Profile

    • Thanks, Natalie. Just reading your story made me feel a little trapped! I can relate for sure. I would travel with a fan if it wasn’t so ridiculously cumbersome. This might sound silly, but you could purchase a floor fan, use it over vacation, and maybe return it to the store….. 🙂

  74. I read this article and instantly felt better. I always feel like such a princess after I have these “events”. Especially when I travelled Vietnam & Thailand.

    We spent the extra money on air con but when the power went out a couple of times I almost had or did have a panic attack. What makes that worse is air con rooms often have windows that you cannot open – which makes me feel more trapped.

    After I had a little episode inside a tourist packed one way tour of a cave a fellow traveller stopped to help and fanned me with her huge fan. She said she always travelled with one. Good idea I thought.

    But I thought how is that going to help at night while in bed. Well why not carry a battery operated fan I thought. They are cheap and I can set it up so I can just have it on my face. You can also wet a little washer or something and place it over the fan so it blows cool air. So anyway I have’nt tried it yet but thought I would share my little idea in case it helps someone else.

    Wetting the bed sheets is also another excellent idea.In fact having water nearby does also help with the trapped feeling.
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  75. YES!!! I periodically google to see if anyone has an explanation for it yet. I googled “breathing hot air anxiety” tonight and you were the result!

    Glad I’m not alone! I don’t think of it as a claustophobia either. I can deal with small spaces but the second I’m breathing hot air I freak out. No clue where it came from or how it started. The first time I remember feeling this was 10 years ago when I was drunk as hell. When my husband and I cuddle and he pulls his side of the blanket up, if it gets too high and covers my face, I have maybe two breaths before panic sets in. I feel the same way when I’ve been in the tornado shelter at my job with 100 other people crammed into one hallway. I’ve even felt that way when wearing a surgical mask because I’m sick.

    The only way I know to deal with it is through fanning myself and closing my eyes.
    I didn’t read all of the comments: did anyone come up with a name for this since initial post?

  76. You are not alone with these feelings. i have the same problem. I live in Sri Lanka, and public transportation is much worse than as you mention in Thailand and the heat. i think, my case is getting bad with time. When I tell this to my family (parents and sisters), the laugh at me. At one time, when i was sick (viral fever), i was going home in a normal bus (not air conditioned). i had to get off from the bus to had a relief from the situation. Thank you for sharing you feelings like this. i thought, i was the only one having these problems, not anymore. thanks again

  77. Hi Kelly,
    It is surprising to see resemblance among my condition to your’s and other posting comments here. I totally agree that under such panic attac one just want to leave that room, train, vehicle or an aeroplane.I would like to add to the list which triggers the panic attacks:
    1. Waking up suddenly due to a nightmare where you find yourself in a closed/confined space.
    2. Aeroplanes are the worst for me. Because you on groudnd trnaport you have an option of leaving the veficle but where would you go while in a flight ? I usually try not to sleep at all while flying, don’t use toiletries. I just try to induge my self in conversation with othpassengers to just distract myself and that helps alot.
    3. Sudden panic attaek in shower whensuddenly a cold water comes out and you feel like short of breath.

    My take on the possible reason of this condition is lack of oxygen supply to your brain. Specially when you have stuffed nose or throat specially with mucus that hinders in fresh oxygen supply.

    I have to take 15hr direct flight and I am already very nervous about those… Any effective remedies found for this condition yet ? I would really appreciate if there a is a medicinal that could instantly relive you from the panic. 🙁

    • Hi Ahsan! Well, there are medications you can get from your doctor for anxiety. I’ve used Xanax for flying. It works quickly. Also some medicines will make you sleepy, like Benadryl (Diphenhydramine). Of course it is up to the individual and I’m not a doctor. 🙂

      However I recommend this post about anxiety while flying:
      There are some things you can do to try to lessen flight anxiety aside from medication.

      **Note: always speak to a doctor before taking any medication to make sure it is right for you. There are risks associated with Xanax.

      • Thanks for the response Kelly… Could you share your xanax using experience in a flight ?
        Would you take it right away as soon as the feeling starts or would you wait for few minutes before taking the medicine ? And how was the feeling after taking the medicine ?

        I am planning to see my family doctor soon.

        • Cristal Bello says:

          Please DO NOT get xanax!!, this is a NARCOTIC and EXTREAMLY Addictive!!! you think you have problems Now??? Take that and you will have more because you will get sick when you DONT have a xanax!! side effects of someone addicted, cold sweats,body ache, some have diariah, vomiting,.. There’s lots but those first 2 are the worst!!! There are lots of NON NARCOTIC meds you can take for this problem like calanapin, (misspelled) , vistiril,narotin (misspelled)… Don’t get me wrong, VERY FEW PEOPLE CAN TAKE XANAX AND NOT ABUSE IT OR GET ADDICTED, BUT YOU WILL WEATHER YOU WANT TO OR NOT IF ITS TAKEN FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME… I hope I did not offend anybody with this post.. Just trying to help… Thank you.

          • I’m don’t completely agree with your post. I don’t think nearly


            who uses Xanax will get addicted.

            Xanax *can* be addictive, so yes, that needs to be considered seriously. But this does not happen to everyone. Xanax can be a helpful drug. Using a pill rarely, like when you are having a panic attack or terrified on an airplane, for example, doesn’t make you an addict. Addiction depends on your genetics, how often you take the pill, and other factors. Speak to a doctor to decide what is right for you!

  78. I have the same problem. I am sure this is caused by some changes in your lungs, heart or something else. I am still looking for a reason. I had CT scan done that revealed mild atelectasis and some thickening of the heart tissue. PLease, go check yourself out. I do not belive it is psychosomatic. I know it has to do to some problems in the body that are minimal and heard to detect. But it is wight.

  79. Same thing happened to me and also in Thailand on a mini van bus tour. I get feelings of panic if I am not close to water too.

  80. Hi! I’m allie. This is me EXACTLY. i have tried explaining to my husband that without air circulating I feel trapped and can’t breathe. I never once related it to being claustrophobic, I thought maybe I was just hot! I sleep with a ceiling fan, an isolating fan, and it has to be around 65*F for me to sleep. I have a little fan on my desk at work that I use year around and it has helped me so much with my being stuffy and getting hot and feeling confined in my cubicle. It makes so much sense that it’s a form of claustrophobia! I don’t feel so crazy now after reading this.

  81. Cristal Bello says:

    I went to Google to ask what does it mean when you are in a dark place, can’t see anything and start to feel like you can’t breath and you dtdrt getting light headed and it took me to this… I also feel the way you do when I’m so hot. I panic because its so hot. I panic because its pitch black… Or like today I was taking a nap and panicked because I woke up and couldn’t find my daughter and my husband .. My severe panic/anxiety attacks or whatever is happening to me is GETTING WORSE EVERYDAY!!! I also fell like that when my nose gets stopped up and I have to breath through my mouth.. I would fell some what at ease knowing somebody else felt the same way I DID with SOME WHAT, the SAME things I’m feeling that way for… Its a TERRIFING FEELING and TO ME A FEELING OF DEATH!!! I RUN outside every time this feeling comes on hoping that me being out in the BIG world Will help me calm down… Its unexplainable but for some reason I start to calm down when I go outside because its like I’m outside where lots of people are and where this ENDLESS BIG WORLD IS!! but I don’t know how to explain all my feelings to my doctor so he can correctly diagnose me… ????.. I mean this in a good way but it feels good to know there is others out there like me but god bless us all… I don’t wish this terrifying feeling on my WORST OF THE WORST ENEMY!!!

    • Cristal, thank you for your comment. I can imagine what you mean about feeling like you can’t breathe; that is absolutely terrifying! Have you been able to speak to a doctor or therapist about these issues? I hope you can find some relief.

  82. Hi there,
    finally I found I’m not alone. I had similar things but happened in various condition. Once was when I shoveled snow back 2 yrs ago. My doctor thought I was anemic, so no need to be worried, but then couple times while I was waiting on traffic light, then my other doctor told me most likely I have pre-snycope caused by sudden drop on blood pressure which was confirmed with my cardiologist and nothing can be really done except always brings gatorade with me. Then, now I feel fear to drive by myself (no passengers) on highway because how it tends to be jammed and I will feel running out of breath. Luckily, my workplace is reachable using local streets with lotsa red lights but in my mind, I always can pull over if I don’t feel good at red light. I don’t know what kind of therapy I should do or what type of doctor I should see. I don’t want to take anti-anxiety rx as I do have sensitive stomach :/

  83. Manjila Rijal says:

    Am having the same problem . And all your reply really help me. But why this problem start ? Do you any one have an Idea ?

  84. I know how some of you feel but I been feeling this for a few years but most of the time when I driving I feel like I get really hot and feel like its hard to breath I really dont know what it is I need some answers what is it

  85. Lack of air movement makes me feel the same way! I have to have a fan running even in winter.

  86. Hello,
    I have had this condition for years since menopause and HRT (transdermal yam based bioidentical) has stopped it dead for me. As a health educator and researcher I did tons of research and found out this has to do with hormone fluctuation and decreased oxygen saturation. These things are controlled in the brain stem and the hormone withdrawal serious effects the part of the brain stem that regulates heat, blood pressure, oxygen regulation and other seriously important functions.

    Horrible and it increases blood pressure too, which isn’t good!

    • What to you do to fix the overheating problem? I have hypothyroid so extreme heat and cold affect me. I end up in panic attacks every single time. I never thought of hormone fluctuation but it could be. I have noticed that my moods are up and down and have asked my doctor about birth control change. Your post I can relate to

  87. I’ve always had this problem and even my doctor didnt know what it is, He did tests on me and physically I was good. I always need a fan so I take mine everywhere. In my house the fan has to be on. Some times I forget to breathe, that sounds crazy right? I always have to have a window down when I’m driving even during the winter. When I work outside in the garden, if I push myself to finish what I’m doing I get red faced and cant breathe. I tend to overheat very easily and once that happens I turn the air conditioner on high and lay down with a cold wet face cloth and frozen veggies pack on my neck until I’m not hot anymore, about 30 minutes at least. I have fainted at times (my bad) I should have gone in sooner. One time my family was on a road trip and I was driving at a higher elevation, it was hot outside so I stopped at the Ranger Station got out of my car, started feeling dizzy and passed out before I could get to a bench to sit down.. Still the doctor cant find anything wrong with me. So, to sum it up, I have to be able to get out of a building, car, bus, and even the grocery store. I get anxious at the market, due to the closeness of people all around me. So, I go to market at night.
    Pauline Jackson recently posted…The Highly Sensitive Writer: I Really Love Words & FontsMy Profile

  88. Kaydeyx says:

    This started happening me 2 years ago suddenly at 33, today I almost hyperventilated in the hair dressers when she was blowdry im fine the front of my hair the hot air was going in my mouth and I was silently panicking and almost choking on the hot air

  89. I know almost all of the comments have said the same thing, but I really can’t believe that there are so many people with the exact same problem as I have! I have noticed this exact same thing as your post. A few months ago I started getting very very uncomfortable in still air, and it has definitely become worse over time.

    I’m a 27 year old guy. I picked up a couple of pounds over the past few months, and I attributed the fact that I’m basically always feeling hot to my weight gain. I went on a diet and started exercising daily. I’m definitely more healthy and have lost some of my insulation, but the problem persists. I’ve gone to the doctor who, after a few blood tests, gave me a clean bill of health except for the fact that my cholesterol was a bit high. He assured me that it would not cause my constant heating issues though..

    My two worst places where I get these “attacks” (?) is when I’m in a car, whether I’m driving or a passenger, as well as in bed at night. I have also tried to explain to my girlfriend on many occasions, even in the dead of winter, if I can’t feel fresh air flowing on my, I sort of get panic attacks. I can’t sleep without a fan directly on me, even when it is freezing, and I can’t drive without a window being cracked or the air on. The unfortunate thing is I carpool with other people, and I always sit all the way in the back of a mini van where the rear windows can’t open. I’m always fanning myself using my hands. I think all the other passengers think I’m crazy…

    I sincerely hope it gets better??

  90. peej Kin says:

    Multiple sclerosis

  91. Ali Browning says:

    I am the same I hate heat, hate still warm air.I find it odd that people like it.

  92. How is it that so many can suffer this way and there is no official diagnosis? Or treatment? I haven’t always been this way. Not only can’t I tolerate a room with no air flow, but I sweat, and turn bright red. People constantly ask me how I got so sunburned and though I maintain my composure I feel like screaming at people. One woman even had the nerve to come up and touch my arm and ask if it hurt. I was thinking well luckily no can you take your hand off of me. Like many here have mentioned I have anxiety. I have high bp and take several medications for an arthritic condition called ankylosing spondolitis (it’s similar to rheumatoid arthritis ) I hate it, being line this makes me so miserable.

  93. Julius SWT says:

    My situation here is slightly different, i sweat a lot(really a lot) when i stay in room/space with stagnant air and not moving. My shirt/clothes is always wet when i stay in toilet room/store room/warehouse/canteen more than 3mins. When the air flow is heating, the sweating situation get even worse.
    My whole body from head to foot sweat excessive, It feel so embarrassing when I am always with wet clothes. When i sweat a lot i feel anxious.

  94. Elizabeth matos says:

    When driving with friends with windows. Open and wind blowing gives me anxiety. Feels like im trapped and cant get out

  95. Thanks Kelly for sharing w/us. I’ve been feeling like the weather the past few years has been annoying, making me feel like I can’t breathe, there’s pressure on my skin, the sun is hot instead of lovely. I decided to find out & assumed it’s the humidity & barometric pressure, which may be so but can’t figure it out. Was glad to see that I’m not the only one w/the same symptoms, along w/being afraid of heights and every other thing that you’ve all mentioned. I’m a mess. Just wanted to identify w/you all as this is a real concern in my life & I pray that we will all overcome this madness. Will listen to your podcasts for encouragement. Once again thank you Kelly for taking the time to help us!!!????????????

  96. I also feel the same way. I feel trapped so often now that I have stopped doing everything that I used to enjoy out of fear of feeling trapped. Hot still air sends me into a full blown panic attack. Now that summer is officially here and the temperatures are record breaking I freak out just thinking about the heat. Air-conditioning works for a second but I want fresh cool air, not trapped air conditioned spaces. I don’t know what to do. Ever since my thyroid starting acting up I have felt this way. I don’t know if it’s in my head or an actual physical symptom of something else going on. I don’t want to take anti-anxiety meds I just want to feel ok again. It is debilitating and really starting to affect my quality of life. What is this and how do we make it go away??

    • Hi Paula, I’m so sorry you are struggling with this. Have you asked your doctor or spoken to a therapist? They might be able to help.

  97. Finally I have found other people who have similar ‘panic attacks’ to me. I find if I get too hot I go from 0 to 10 on the panic scale instantly. I find myself walking around the house feeling trapped & unable to breathe. I have to get to the nearest window & sit next to it. The panic also gets worse if the room
    is silent, I have put wind chimes in my
    garden just to create a little noise. I met a lady who had been a nurse & explained to
    her that the year before my symptoms
    started Id had an opetation & that Id heard
    the nurses ‘arguing’ about which one of my
    arms should recieve the anesthetic! This
    lady suggested that my symptoms might
    well be related with my body shutting down under duress …. I think this is a very plausable explanation. My mind now associates the dark & silence of my surroundings with that of the trauma experienced in the operating theatre.

  98. I have this feeling and it started about 5 years ago… my dr said it’s due to menopause- anxiety can get worse. But I’ve experienced walking and biking outdoors in hot humid weather and needing to get to air conditioning and back to my car— I ride with friends my age and the heat does not bother them– I’ve even thought that if it got too bad I’d run to the river and get wet there to cool down as I feel this will help– (just like the wet sheet in the train ride…) and elevators are also a problem now. I always bring water with me. I can’t feel trapped anywhere. I must be able to get out. Last summer I went with a friend in August to a historic house tour– the guide closed and locked the front door and it started!!! OMG— there was no a/c- and no open windows– hot still air– of course after 10 minutes I asked if I could leave……

  99. Grew up in the 60s in Pennsylvania, cool, cool. Moved to the South in 74, hot and humid. This morning went out at 6 a.m. to buy a paper, already 74 degrees. My car ignition locked up and would not start, windows would not go down. Panic coming on. I grabbed my car manual and tried the doors, they opened, thank God. Got the problem with the car figured out, but really hated my reaction. I had about 2 seconds of reasoning left before I started smashing windows out! Am also post menopausal and have hypothyroidism, can’t stand hot or cold. Feel better that I am not alone!

  100. Hi
    I’m new to this HSP, but I’ve just read this thread and it’s so me, I can’t work in stuffy offices unless the window is open and it’s usually worse in summer or Winter if the heating is on. I also feel anxious if in a meeting with lots of people or in somebody elses car and never through it could be due to the air and temperature.

    Does anybody have a way cheap and simple device to measure the air, oxygen quality in a room?

  101. Kimberly Clark says:

    I’m late’ 40s and in the past 5 yrs I have been diagnosed with anxiety so I’m on zanax. But lately I have been struggling with catching my breath during a walk or a hug from my husband. I’m scared bc they say that zanax has long term side effects. But it’s getting worse. I. Not depressed but I get scared. Can anyone help with suggestions?

    • Hi Kimberly, thanks for the note! Yes, have you tried therapy?? I highly recommend it! Yes, it’s not great to be on Xanax long term on a daily basis. But it’s not good if you are having anxiety about that, either! Speak to your doctor and see if you can talk to a therapist or psychologist. I think they can help SO much, even if you aren’t able to go to lots and lots of sessions, even a few can make a difference!! Good luck 🙂

  102. I’ve had this bad. It gets so hot and humid during summer here in Ohio that I used to feel like there is no air and I couldn’t breath and I started to panic. I dealt with this by having a fan going 24/7. Well last month my fan died and I immediately panicked and freaked out bad. I ended up buying a fan online and had to wait 3 days to get it,And I made it through alive! It just showed my how irrational this fear is,Uncomfortable yes but not harmful. Hot,humid,or still air can not harm you unless you have severe health problems and are older like 70 +. I grew up in the country in a small house and the summers were so hot it felt like I was in a sauna,I’d stay inside all day in my hot humid closed off little bedroom and play video games,Never hurt me once. As long as you have water your fine. Anxiety can make it feel harmful though even though your fine.

    One remedy that always helped me is buying a small hand held fan,Either a battery powered model or the old 1800’s type that you wave back and forth. splash some water on your face and then fan,it will cool you down,Also sucking on a menthol cough drop at the same time does wonders as you can feel cold air coming in and out of your mouth.

    Needless to say,I hate summer with a passion,How anyone can enjoy this hot humid air is beyond me,Thankfully there is only 3 months of this misery left. I can not wait until Autumn and winter arrive

  103. Wow! I’ve never thought about it that it is ME who is with the problem. But possibly you opened my eyes. We leased a property with master bedroom having only one window facing sunny side. This room unlike all others gets hot and THERE IS NO AIR CIRCULATION at all. I have to have an air conditioner AND fan constantly on in order to not feel suffocating. My husband does not have any problem with air in our room. It is just me, I can FEEL the standing air press on my chest and strong discomfort that i can’t breath. This become so intense that THE ONLY REQUIREMENT i have for the new house is “many windows and air flow”, the ability to create breeze.

  104. I have to sleep with a fan on in my room. I need to feel the air moving otherwise I can’t sleep. Now that it is summer I need to sleep with my fan and a portable air conditioner since I live in an apartment. I love the A/C! Unfortunately, my phobia has gotten worse. I am 39 and have never been on an airplane because I’m afraid I will have a panic attack from feeling trapped. I want to travel so bad but am terrified of flying. I’m afraid of humiliating myself because when I get panic attacks I can’t control my body and I shake uncontrollably and I get diarrhea. It’s the worst feeling. I told a counselor about this once and she told me to wear an adult diaper to ease my fear. I don’t want to do this around my husband.

    • Hi Katie, I think you should see another counselor! Cognitive behavioral therapy may help you and maybe a doctor would recommend something like Xanax during your flight. Don’t feel bad about feeling trapped on an airplane–a lot of people have that issue. Please see someone to help you work through this anxiety so you can do some fun traveling! 🙂

  105. I have the same type of problems. Once I was having a nuclear scan done and the rather large camera was located about one inch from my nose for at least 10 minutes. As I am very claustrophobic and have to have cool air around me, especially my face, I had my husband stay in the room and fan my face with a magazine during the scan. I’m sure the technicians thought I was crazy. But, hey, that’s me.

  106. FINALLY!!! I have found fellow labored breathers and severe sweaters. I found you all while doing some research on my condition, and I feel a kinship with all of you lovely strangers. I have known since I was a child that I was claustrophobic, but I NEVER thought that is why heat and humidity bothered me so much. I need air movement, I totally understand the sheet wetting,and I wish my family would stop telling me to calm down when I am over heating. When I am over stating the obvious, and repeating how hot it is to anyone that will listen, I will feel better knowing I am not alone

  107. Oh, wow, so many other “hot” people out there! I am also one of those who does not feel comfortable in the overheated rooms (warmer than 66-67F), but most importantly, where air does not move. Need to have windows open regardless of the weather and temperature. Terrorize my poor husband at home and in the car. I felt like that when I was young, but much more extreme now that I am in my late 60s. Finally, mentioned it to my physician only to receive an advise to talk to a psychiatrist. Evidently, she thought I was suffering from claustrophobia, but I am not! Did anybody in this forum, who is not claustrophobic, benefit from CBT anyway?

  108. Wow lots of people going thru this too. I always feel tight of chest like if everything was shutting down on me. I always tell my wife I can’t breathe I need to go home. Idk everything seems normal then boom, I get sort of breathe like if there’s no air and I start to panic inside me thinking omg I can’t breathe and I start getting sweaty like if it was my last day to live. That’s how bad it is. Especially when I’m in the car with ac on or windows open I get that problem. I’m scared for my life really. My doctor says my lungs sounds good and that he going to referral me to some hospital for lungs check, But he never gives me the paper.

  109. I also experienced the same, and thought for a long time I’ve been alone with this kind of problem. My problems discussed with my neuro doctor and gave me cipralex 10mg for 3 month before bedtime and gradually continue til 6 month, at first i had this palpitation but get used to it. I feel bland, no immediate reaction, and starring somewhere most of the time, i have a good night sleeps especially when traveling by airplane from Riyadh to Philippines for 9 hours.

  110. Angela Hill says:

    This happens to me ofen! My husbamd is unsympathetic and tells me to “suck it up”. It’s nice to know that there are other people who have experienced this and can relate!

  111. THIS IS ME!!! I literally have never had words to describe how this felt and now, thanks to you, I do! I have felt this way since I was a child. I would go to spend the night at a friend’s house and if there was no air movement in the room and it was too warm I would panic and say I was sick and beg to go home! I never connected the air movement with my anxiety until I was older. It literally makes me feel trapped which is the worst thing I could feel EVER! I have used wet wash cloths to help when I could not get out of the situation. Thank you for sharing this.

  112. I too suffer from this condition, and it’s brought on by people being seated very close to me (like on an airplane), and most importantly, if the air is hot/stuffy and still. I have no problem with people being seated close to me (blocking my potential egress into the aisle) if the airplane/bus/elevator is comfortably cool. But as soon as the air gets hot, the panic sets in within seconds. Once it sets in, it tends to spiral out of control. Based on 15 minutes of researching this on the Internet, I think I have cleithrophobia (fear of being trapped and unable to escape), rather than claustrophobia (fear or confined spaces) But the two phobias seem to be closely related, and the treatments seem to be the same, so I’m not sure if the difference between the two matter to anyone other than the people that study it professionally.

    I travel around 250,000 miles/year on business travel. I have absolutely zero fear of flying, yet the panic attacks have happened to be 3 times on an airplane, and once or twice on a bus. It happens sometimes on an elevator, but the ride is so short, that I can usually get through it.

    This morning’s incident on the airplane was the worst yet. I was seated in a middle seat, in the middle row of a totally oversold Delta flight from Detroit to San Francisco. The plane was noticeably hot and stuffy right when I got stepped aboard (despite being only 60 degrees F / 15 C outside). As soon as I took my seat, I turned on the overheard vent, but little air was coming out, and the air wasn’t cool. I rolled up my sleeves to expose more skin. I dug out my headphones, plugged them into my phone and started listening to a relaxation audio program that I use to help me fall asleep. The audio coaches you through controlled breathing and it usually does a great job of helping me relax. But this morning, it didn’t work. My mind kept getting sucked back into how hot it was, and the guy sitting between me and the aisle was a barrier that seemed to be looming ever larger. After 30 seconds or so, I was beginning to panic. I asked the guy next to me to let me out into the aisle, and I walked down to the rear of the plane (the forward aisle was jammed with people still boarding, so I couldn’t go forward). I explained to the flight attendant that the warm air on the plane was giving me a panic attack. She was very sympathetic and gave me some cool water to drink. I stood back in the galley and turned the air vent on full. The water and the moving air helped a little, but the air was still not cool enough. I looked down the aisle toward the front of the crowded plane, and sheer panic set in. The passengers were almost all on board, but a few were still in the aisle loading their bags overhead. The announcement came on that they were closing the forward door and to please take your seat. My mind was racing. All I could think about was the hot air, the middle seat with no clear access to the aisle, and I would be there for the next 5 hours. I started to sweat. Profusely. I tried to talk to the flight attendant, but my throat was tight and I could barely get the words out. Tears were welling up in my eyes and I kept stammering (I have never stammered in my life). I finally got it out that I thought I needed to get off the plane.. She took one look at me and agreed. She helped me get past the remaining passengers that weren’t seated, helped me get my luggage out of the overhead bin, and helped me off the plane. She was great!

    This is the first time that the panic attack actually interfered with work, and I’m concerned. I’m definitely going to try a portable battery-powered fan next time, and also consult with a physician to see if an anti-anxiety drug would also help (in addition to my relaxation audio).

    I wish the pilots and flight attendants of commercial aircraft would pay a little more attention to the cabin temperature. Usually, the plane is quite cool and it’s never a problem. But about 1 flight out of every 20 or so that I take, it’s hot and stuffy, and I have found that high temperature, still/non-moving air, and people blocking my path to an exit (or aisle) are the triggers for me, regardless of whether it’s an elevator, plane, bus, etc.

    • Hi Mo, thanks so much for sharing your story. I’m sorry that happened to you, but so glad the flight attendant was understanding. I have had moments where I felt a pang of panic at being trapped on a plane. There is just something about the super tiny space and knowing you can’t go ANYwhere. I know some people don’t like using drugs but anti-anxiety medication is very helpful for me on planes. 🙂


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