You Might be a Highly Sensitive Person if…

Bright light

could someone please kill those lights?


  1. Catalina Aguirre Aguirre says:

    story about the clock ticking..
    Some friends of mine visited me from Norway. Both of them are sensitive too.. how do we manage? don’t ask… ahhaha but.. in regards to clock ticking…
    I moved the one that was annoying me from one place to another.. where i felt comfortable. Guess what happened ?.. it was moved as well to the next room where one of them felt it was not loud to disturb her.. then on that other room .. my other friend moved it further .. because it did not suit her.. so the poor clock was bouncing all around home .. ahah until one day.. it appeard laying on top of the microwave at the kitchen!!! that was the end of it..we decided to get a digital. AHAHA.

    • Haha! On the bright side, you were lucky to live with people who understood your sensitivity!

      • Catalina Aguirre Aguirre says:

        Yes! you are right!… and i found it interesting that when i found your link and showed it to them.. they said that it was a blessing to know the trait through other person’s eyes.. for sometimes we feel overwhelmed like if we are the only ones suffering at first when we do not understand..with your postings they have come to know better what it is about. It feels good to help.. once you know your trait. Because since you go through similar experiences on a daily basis .. the comments give an insight..and help a lot.

  2. LadyJSR74 says:

    HA! I relate to nearly ALL of these things ( I can drink coffee though and usually am fine ) but the decision thing is definitely SO me. My friends know to never ask me to be the decision maker when we are trying to figure out something to do. I have major decision remorse, as I call it, on nearly everything I do! I will rehash a decision to death!!! HAHA… I laugh, but it does drive me kind of crazy.

  3. I’am 59 yeears of age, and all my life I KNEW that I was not normal. Everything practically mentioned on this website describes me to a T. I never heard of a sensitive person before (In these terms) but Iam so glad I ran across this site, it explains alot about my life. I am especially sensitive to the paranormal and have been experiencing things since the age of 4 that I can remember, from Angels to Demons, and once Iam positive that I saw Satan in the flesh during a visit to a grocery market. My sister in-law and myself were headed to the check out and laughing about something when all of a sudden the whole store went silent and my attention was drawn to the back of a man standing at the Jewelry counter, it was so intense and my heart felt as if it was about to explode,while still walking closer to this person the closer I got the more intense was the fear… then all of a sudden he jerked around like he knew I was there with the meanest most hateful look I to this day have ever seen. We locked eyes which seems like a eternity and then things went back to normal ,except my heart was still beating to the max but my mind at that moment told me it was the Devil, and he felt me noticing HIM. I also have had experiences concerning Churches, I can feel when the Spirit of a Church is not right. At around 15 my Mom and Granny wanted me to check out a Preacher in town “With the Calling” as they described him, they knew I had a heightened awareness of God since five years of age and thought I would be enlightened by him. So I went and upon entering the entrance of the Church’es door I frooze. The hair stood up on the back of my neck and my heart started beating fast and I refused to go any further. Mom and Granny said I was being silly and persuaded to enter. Well I was RIGHT !, this Preacher turned out to be Jim Jones one of USA’s most prolific and horrific so called religious leaders causing the mass suicides of nearly 1000 people under his leadership. Again thanks for this site I have a new understanding of me .

    • Oh my goodness, Theresa, that story about the guy in the grocery store is so scary. This is fascinating, that you may have a higher sensitivity to evil or bad people! Wow. Was the man real (did other people see him)? Or just you? Thank you so much for sharing and I am so happy the site speaks to you!

  4. I’ve taken batteries out of clocks to stop the ticking so I can sleep.

    If there is even a sliver of light coming through the window from the street lamp, I can’t sleep.

    I laughed out loud when I read the line about only having a 5 degree temperature range, this is actually what my ex and I would always joke around about, except we would always say it’s more like a 2 degree range.

    In college it would take me hours to even begin studying because EVERYTHING has to be just right, from the location, to the food I had on hand, to the temperature, to the lighting, to the noise levels, to the music, to what I was wearing, if I had exercised that day and the list goes on.

    I tried caffeine once. And that’s all it took for me to never ever ever try it again. Some of the worst physical pain I’ve ever experienced, i.e. stomach ache from Hell.

    I can’t think of anything less appealing than going into a bar or club. Bleh.

  5. Hi Kelly!

    I’m just reading your blog for the first time after a friend recognised some of my behaviours and told me she thought I might be HSP. After reading some of your posts, I think she might be right! I have literally just nodded my way through this list and, for the first time ever, I don’t feel like a freak. Thank you for writing about this!! x

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