This is not one of the dogs by Amy’s apartment. But he does look hungry.

Amy over at Nomadtopia is spending a few weeks in Bali and has discovered lots of menacing stray dogs hanging out near her apartment. She found herself feeling fearful and stressed about having to walk by and encounter these scary canines. Her anxiety would rise before even leaving her apartment!

So she did what a smart, organized person should do. She acknowledged her fear and adjusted accordingly by coming up with a plan of action, which included the following:

  1. Do Your Research.

How it relates to HSPs: We like to have as much information as possible to make informed decisions. By becoming more informed about something we fear, we may be able to eliminate irrational thoughts. Afraid of catching malaria while traveling? Maybe some research will show that it’s not as common at your travel destination as you think.

  1. Imagine and Prepare for the Worst.

How it relates to HSPs: This isn’t about wallowing in horror scenarios, but rather realizing that sometimes a worst-case scenario isn’t that bad. What’s the worst case scenario with malaria? Well, uh…you could die. But your research (from #1) showed that very few people do die. More likely, you’ll just be really sick for a few days. And that sucks, but you’ll live.

  1. Keep Going.

How it relates to HSPs: When I feel like I just can’t handle something, I’ve learned that time usually makes it easier. When I first moved into an apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I was so disgusted by how dirty it was–not to mention the occasional huge ants on the floor–that I wanted to leave right away. But after a few days, I gradually adjusted (and cleaned the place from top to bottom). Give yourself time. Oftentimes, your fear with ease on its own.

Thanks to Amy for her thought-provoking post.