second guess decisions“I’d like the spaghetti carbonara, please,” I told the waiter.

No sooner had the waiter turned his back when I was mumbling to my husband Jim, “Darn it. I should have gotten the dish with the red sauce instead. Argh!!”

This is soooo common with me. I regret probably 75% of my restaurant food orders.

Why? Because HSPs are cautious decision-makers who weigh every piece of information before making a choice. Sometimes it takes us longer than “normal” to make choices. And with me, I’m usually still weighing all the information even after I’ve been pressed to make my decision.

Here’s what’s going on in my brain (and probably what’s going on in my husband’s brain) when choosing something to eat at a restaurant:

Me: Do I want pasta or meat? Will pasta be too filling? Should I get red sauce or white sauce? White sauce is so bad for you. But I haven’t had it in so long! Chicken or ham? Maybe I should get something less expensive. I want the chicken, but only if it’s not breaded. I wonder if I can get it without peppers? I should get something with more vegetables.

Him: Steak sounds good. I’m getting steak.

Do you find yourself taking a long time to make decisions? Do you second guess yourself?