A Highly Sensitive Person's Life book

A Highly Sensitive Person's Life:

Stories & advice for those who experience the world intensely


Imagine no longer wishing you were like everyone else.

Many HSPs have spent years feeling defective, wrong, or weird. The relatable, down-to-earth narrative provides a sense of community.


Imagine accepting yourself for the first time.

Feel empowered to understand and accept yourself, and how to deal—and thrive—in an overstimulating world (with a sense of humor).


Imagine realizing that you aren’t the only person who feels the way you do.

It’s like having a cup of tea with a good friend while chatting about issues only another HSP would understand.

The book is a collection of the best blog posts from this site, compiled with the intention of spreading understanding and acceptance of high sensitivity in an honest, entertaining, and meaningful way. You may see yourself described in these pages and think: “I didn’t know anyone else felt this way!” 

What Readers Are Saying

about A Highly Sensitive Person’s Life

“An entertaining, helpful, and touching read. It’s refreshing to see humor and even some attitude about this topic! It covers a lot of ground, from learning to accept yourself and the benefits and challenges of being highly sensitive, with most of it told through personal stories. I definitely recommend this to anyone learning about how to deal with being an HSP to feel better about accepting yourself.”

Rhonda B.

“She is down to earth and explains her concepts as if you’re a close friend. There are so many of her stories that I can relate to.

If you’re a highly sensitive person, think you might be, or you love a highly sensitive person, this book is a great introduction to explaining things and experiences you may have come across.”


“Kelly’s book is a refreshing and comforting take on something I struggle with on a daily basis. It is exhausting to constantly be re-thinking my choices, comments, and even everyday small decisions. I did not realize so many other people feel and think like I do. This is an uplifting read for those of us who struggle with our sensitivity and a great place for our loved ones to get further insight to our thought processes.”

Lauren P.

A Highly Sensitive Person's Life book

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