aron sm quoteA few years ago, never would I have used the word “creative” to describe myself.

Creative people were painters, sculptors, poets, architects, designers. That’s not me.

I grew up thinking that being creative or artistic was sort of a waste of time–creativity wasn’t practical or of real value. Creative people were dreamers. I wanted to be a person who got things done!

Of course, I eventually realized this was a dumb way to think.

The other day, I read this in one of Dr. Elaine Aron’s website newsletters“All HSPs are creative, by definition. Many have squashed their creativity because of their low self-esteem; many more had it squashed for them, before they could ever know about it.”

Reading this was another one of those whooaaaaaaaa moments for me!

Then she writes: “The simplest definition of creativity is the putting together of two or more things that no one (but YOU) would think to put together.”


In my adult work life, I came to the conclusion that I enjoy–and excel at–putting together people or ideas. I like trying to find creative solutions to problems. I love connecting two people that can mutually benefit each other. At first, I didn’t realize this meant I was “creative”. And now, Dr. Aron confirms that this is a REAL thing! I am creative after all.

HSPs are good at putting things together creatively because we examine things so thoroughly inside our heads. We notice details, subtleties, and how the pieces to the puzzle will fit together in any possible way.

Many of you may have embraced your creative side from a young age—which is great! But if you are a sensitive person who has squashed your creativity due to low self-esteem–like I did–this is a good time to embrace it and get in touch with it.

In which ways are you creative?

Head over to Dr. Aron’s website to read her original post blog on this topic.

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photo credit: *nacnud* via photopin cc