hot wingsJim and I went to an event a few days ago that was holding a spicy wing eating contest.

I was immediately excited because Jim never thinks anything is spicy. I’ve only seen him unable to eat something spicy once in all the years I’ve known him. (It was a ghost pepper bloody mary.)

I was so excited about it that he pretty much had no choice but to enter the contest.

So, just to clarify–it wasn’t about the quantity of wings eaten, but who could last the longest as the wings got spicier and spicier.

We went to the event and about 10 people had entered the competition. They all sat at a long table while the 100+ other attendees gathered around to watch the fun. I was nervous and excited for Jim!

Then the first bowl of wings came out for the contestants and immediately I felt REGRET. 

It suddenly hit me–what had I gotten him into?

I don’t eat extremely spicy food, so I didn’t really think about the pain he’d be going through. The pain he’d be experiencing now and for the rest of the day.

As he and the other people started to eat their first spicy wing, I felt so sorry. The first two wings weren’t a big deal, but then came the scorpion sauce wings. A couple people dropped out. One guy’s face was red and sweaty and he had tears rolling down.

People commented on how calm Jim looked, but I knew he was hurting. His lips were kind of red and once in a while he’d take these little breaths. I felt so freaking bad, especially because the chance he was going to win was small, honestly. What made me think he could beat everyone? And if he does lose, he went through all that pain for nothing!

I felt so, so bad, and probably had such a weird look on my face as I intently watched him…like a look of sorrow. A few times I motioned to him, “are you done?” Finally he motioned Yes and stepped away. He was the third or fourth person left in the competition.

I can’t even express how bad I felt that I caused pain to the person I loved. I was extra nice to him the rest of the day. You can bet I’ll never volunteer him for a spicy food competition again.

photo credit: Wings a la Matt via photopin (license)