hate sensitivityWhy can’t I ever be happy with the way things are? Why do little things bother me? Why do I complain so much?

Why can’t I be normal?

These feelings make me angry at myself. Why can’t I just suck it up and deal with small annoyances? Why can’t I just relax and have fun? Why are things so hard for me and easy for everyone else?

This is the episode I warned you about last week–the really negative one where I say the word “hate” like 100 times.

In Episode 11 of the Highly Sensitive Person Podcast, I talk about the dark feelings I sometimes have about being highly sensitive and introverted. And of course, I talk about some positive stuff, too. If you are turned off by negativity, skip this one. But if you sometimes beat yourself up over the way you are, maybe this will give you some comfort to know you aren’t alone.

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Podcast music attribution: Bust This Bust That (Professor Kliq) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0