decision freeWe face dozens if not hundreds of decisions every single day–from big decisions to tiny ones, and they all take energy.

As HSPs, we put so much care and energy into everything we do, that making all these decisions can wear us out, leaving us with insufficient energy for the important things in our life!

In this episode, I give some examples of ways to reduce the number of choices you have to make in your daily life. While there is no way to have a truly decision free life, by preparing and planning ahead, we can eliminate some of them!

Resources mentioned in Episode 3:

I first heard about (and was inspired by) the phrase “decision-free living” in this Marie Forleo interview with Susan Cain. (it’s at 11:40).

Have a hard time getting through your To-Do list because you don’t know where to start? Try the List Randomizer.

Further Reading: Tim Ferriss on The Choice-Minimal Lifestyle: 6 Formulas for More Output and Less Overwhelm

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