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“We miss nothing and have an innate ability to let others shine.” -John Hughes

This has been a big month for HSPs. Dr. Elaine Aron’s documentary, called Sensitive: The Untold Story, came out on September 10.

I thought the documentary was groundbreaking and an amazing tool for people to learn about high sensitivity. Dr. Aron’s script expertly covered all the most frequently asked questions about HSPs—the science and evidence behind it, what it means, misconceptions, and more.

There were a few points made in the documentary that really impacted me, and I cover those in this Episode 52 of the podcast. They include creativity, sports, being told you are “shy” as a child, differential susceptibility, and more.

The film was produced by Diana Sinelnikova Harper and directed by Will Harper.

I’d love to hear what you thought of the documentary, if you got a chance to see it. Leave your comments below!

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