stasis-of-peaceI’m learning every day how to better manage my needs as a person with high sensitivity and introversion. Like I always say, folks, it’s about acknowledging, accepting, and adjusting!

I do feel frustrated and even mad at myself sometimes because I have to do so many things that aren’t “normal” just to feel comfortable. I wish I was “normal”. I wish so many little things didn’t bother me. But they DO, and that’s just how it is. [sigh]

While thinking about my needs as someone with high sensitivity, I discovered that I’m always searching for a stasis of peace.

By this, I mean I’m always trying to design my life so I am in the most comfortable situations possible to avoid anxiety, stress, and panic. Since I know I can’t change how I am, I know I just have to plan my life the best I can.

I bet most “normal” people would think this sounds lame. They get to live life without having to worry about all these little things, because they don’t get as stressed as easily as I do. Yeah, I’m jealous. 🙂

I’m getting better at finding my stasis of peace. I hope you are able to find your peace as well.