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Shopping for an introverted, highly sensitive friend, spouse, co-worker, or family member? Then this list is for you! Featured here are presents for people who are overwhelmed by social and environment stimuli, are empathic, sensitive to beauty, and cherish privacy and peacefulness. (And don’t forget to treat yourself!)

Presenting: the Highly Sensitive Person & Introvert Gift Guide! 

(Note: Introverts and HSPs are not the same thing. All introverts are not HSPs, and vice versa. But just for the sake of this list, they are lumped together.)

Here we go!


Moon Lamp

Moon Lamps are really popular right now! They are a 3D printed material that looks just like the textured surface of the moon. They provide a relaxing, wondrous ambient light that works great in any room or as a night light. A great gift for all ages; this is my favorite gift of 2018.

Tea Subscription from Plum Deluxe

A monthly tea plum deluxe teasubscription is an awesome gift idea for the tea lover in your life!

Plum Deluxe’s organic Tea of the Month Club is just $10 per month. The recipient will receive 1-2 oz (enough for about 20 cups) of hand-blended, limited-edition tea.


Mini Watercolor Palettepainting palette


Perfect as a gift for journal artists, travel sketchers, students, and beginning watercolor painters, this cute kit includes the convenience and portability of 15 name-brand artist-grade watercolors.



Japanese Suminagashi Marbling Kit
japanese paper marbling

Drip a few drops of the dye into water, swirl it with a utensil, then gently lay your paper (or desired material) on the dye to make beautiful marble designs. Great for kids, too.

Buddha Board

The Buddha Board allows you to feel like an artist even if you have no artistic talent (like me!) The brush makes beautiful strokes and allows you to express creativity with only water. The drawings fade away after a few minutes. (I have the mini version and find it to be too small—get the regular size.) Here’s me drawing on my board:



Noise-Canceling Headphones: AKG N60nc

The ambient noise of the outside world can distract HSPs and introverts, sap their energy, and leave them grumpy. At around $150, these are the cheapest among CNET’s 2018 list of top-rating noise-cancelling headphones.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have been making waves lately as being helpful for children with sensory issues or autism. However, ANYone can enjoy a weighted blanket–especially those of us with anxiety or sleeping issues! Who doesn’t like feeling cozy and tightly snug in a blanket? They tend to be quite pricey (around $100) but can be a worthwhile investment.


Aromatherapy Oil Gift Setoil set

I adore certain scents and the way they make me feel. There are lots of great essential oil gift set options out there. (Note: Before buying any “scented” gift for an HSP, first try to notice if they’ve shown that they like scented candles or use perfume or oils. Some HSPs find scents too overwhelming.)



Bonsai Tree
I’ve always wanted one! They are so beautiful and intricate; I feel a peacefulness when I look at them. As a gift, I recommend buying from a local shop, but you can get them on Amazon, too. Here are some tips on which variety to buy, depending on the climate of where the tree will reside.
calm app


Calm meditation app subscription

A 12-month subscription to my favorite meditation app is $70.


Gift an Experience!

  • Float/Sensory Deprivation Tank Experience
    When floating in sensory deprivation tank, your senses melt away into weightlessness. Google or Yelp the nearest tank and buy a gift certificate for a meditative and relaxing experience–they’re great gifts for pregnant women, too. Here’s my float experience.
  • A massage or spa experience.
  • A gift certificate to a class: like a class for cooking, photography, painting, gardening, pottery, language, or jewelry making. HSPs (especially high sensation seekers) enjoy learning and creating things. Select an activity that they’ve previously shown interest in.
  • Tickets to a museum, concert, play, or festival in which they’ve shown interest: Along the same lines, this gift shows you pay attention to what they like.
  • Donate to a cause that’s near their heart. Give money to an animal rescue, a medical foundation, environmental cause, or a charity that you know they care about.
  • Take care of something. Arrange for meals, have their house cleaned, babysit–you get the idea. Take something off their plate.

Treat Yourself!

homedics sound spaHoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 6 Nature Sounds
Recently, I was staying at a hotel and this machine was on the nightstand. Serendipity! I couldn’t fall asleep, so I was happy to have this little gadget next to me, with its easy-to-use controls for sounds of the ocean, rain, white noise, as well as an “off” timer. I bought one when I got home.


Letters for a Year of Gratitude
HSPs often enjoy expressing gratitude to people in their lives. Letters for a Year of Gratitude includes 52 tear out-and-send letters that will inspire a year’s worth of notes of love, appreciation, and thanks. Keep track of the letters in the correspondence log in the back. Maybe over this year you will reconnect with someone from your past or brighten the day of someone who feels taken for granted.


Swiss Water Process Decaf Coffee Beans
I don’t drink caffeine because it affects me too strongly but I love having iced coffee once in a while. Then I discovered Swiss water process coffee, which is a non-solvent method for decaffeinating unroasted coffee beans–so no chemicals! I’m excited to share this with you and my current favorite variety, No Fun Jo.


A Highly Sensitive Person’s Life: stories & tips for those who experience the world intensely by ME.
Of course I have to mention my own book! This blog-style collection of essays balances humor and sound advice in personal stories and honest reflections. You might see yourself described in these pages and think: “I didn’t know anyone else felt this way!” (Note: the book contains a lot of content from this blog!)

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron
A must-read for those who are trying to understand high sensitivity in themselves or loved ones.

The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking by Oliver Burkeman
I interviewed Oliver on my podcast after reading (and loving) this book. If there’s someone in your life who isn’t the most “positive” person, this might be a good gift for them. This book helped me feel a lot more at peace about my “glass half empty” personality. It explains powerful concepts from Buddhism, Stoicism, Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, and more, in Oliver’s entertaining, accessible, and lovely writing style.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
According to Dr. Elaine Aron, all HSPs are creative—by definition. “Many have squashed their creativity because of their low self-esteem; many more had it squashed for them, before they could ever know about it.” In Big Magic, Gilbert encourages readers to pursue a creative life “that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.”

Meditation for Beginners by Jack Kornfield
A fantastic introduction for people who’ve always wanted to try meditation but didn’t know how to start. This book helps you stick with a daily meditation practice and create tranquility in everyday life.

Gifts for Kids & Teens

It’s All Too Much for Oliver by Leila Boukarim
This is a beautiful picture book written and illustrated for highly sensitive children. Endorsed by Dr. Elaine Aron!

Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts by Susan Cain
Susan wrote the mega hit book Quiet, which brought introversion to the mainstream several years ago. Her new book is like Quiet but for introverted kids and teens.

Random Acts Of Kindness Kits
 (Family version) 
This stocking-stuffer kit includes cards with acts of kindness to be performed by your child or the entire family. You may find yourself writing a letter to someone who inspired you, picking up the trash on your street, giving genuine compliments, and more. You can keep track of your good deeds online and see other deeds across the globe. There’s a teen version, too.


What is your ideal gift? Leave a comment and I may include it in this list.

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