hate sensitive peopleI discovered that some people were finding my blog by searching for the phrase, “I hate sensitive people.”

Hi there, you!!!!

I used to dislike sensitive people, too.

When I was younger, I thought showing sensitivity was a weakness. I wanted to be tough. Being tough is cool! Being a “wuss” is not. I wanted to be “one of the guys”, not an emotional, drama-queen, girly-girl.

Well, here’s the thing. Being a Highly Sensitive Person doesn’t mean you are an unpredictable, powder keg drama queen who cries all the time.

The problem is usually in the definition of high sensitivity. It is NOT the same thing as hypersensitivity. Hypersensitivity means being emotionally fragile. High sensitivity is a biological predisposition that has little to do with emotional toughness. (source) High sensitivity means you are very perceptive, conscientious, easily overstimulated, and empathic.

Plus, sensitivity can be a beautiful thing. People who make art and poetry, who make it their life’s work to try to lessen the pain of others, who are willing listen and help you when you are struggling–are important to have in this world, even if you can’t relate to them. HSPs might have a different outlook on life than you do, but that doesn’t make them wrong. Wouldn’t it boring if everyone was the same? And how dull would the world be without art, music, dance, poetry, and philanthropy?

Read this incredible account of how sensitive medical professionals made a world of difference for a gravely injured young man.

Not convinced? Still annoyed by highly sensitive people? Well, let me ask you this: do you hate people who are left-handed or introverted? ‘Cuz those are sort of similar. Being highly sensitive is innate.

My message to you would be to please realize that everyone has a different life experience. Maybe you were born attracted to people of the same gender. Maybe you were born left-handed. Or with 6 fingers on each hand! Or to parents who were drug addicts. We all have different genes and different situations. Why judge? Maybe a little more acceptance and understanding is the answer.