phone calls smFile this under “social anxiety.”

The other day, a friend rang me. I saw her name pop up on my phone.

I like this friend a lot, but I HATE talking on the phone.

I audibly groaned and felt guilty as I stared at the ringing phone and decided to ignore the call. Seriously–it’s nothing against the person. I just really really hate chatting on the phone. Damn it. I still feel bad. I should have just answered it.

I think I hate it because when your phone rings, it means you have to talk to someone RIGHT NOW. You don’t have time to mentally prepare. Whatever you are doing?  You have to stop.

And now I keep putting off calling her back….I’m such a terrible friend. I wish I could just tell her, “I’m sorry, but I just really hate talking on the phone.”

Or, I could just call her back…..

Ok, guys. I called her and we had a great chat. What was I so worked up for??

I guess it was just the anticipation that was the bad part.

photo credit: splityarn via photopin cc