The Highly Sensitive Person Podcast

Episode Guide

In the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Podcast, I share real-life experiences that may have you nodding and thinking: I thought I was the only one who felt that way!





  1. Podcast Update
  2. Dealing with houseguests
  3. Susan Cain interview
  4. The Highly Sensitive Podcaster, with Andy Mort
  5. Loneliness & the Importance of Relationships, with Dr. Amy Banks
  6. Curious about meditation?
  7. Self-realizations from a few years of knowing I’m an HSP
  8. A view of HSPs from a non-HSP, with Al Motter
  9. The worst places on earth for HSPs
  10. Narcissists & HSPs with Nikki Eisenhauer
  11. Oliver Burkeman on Happiness & Negative Thinking
  12. “I feel like I’m drowning, like I’m never caught up”
  13. 6 Hidden Benefits of Being Highly Sensitive
  14. Building Mental Strength with Amy Morin
  15. An interview with a highly sensitive, male extrovert
  16. People who are celebrated for their sensitivity
  17. What is an empath? With Caroline of The Happy Sensitive
  18. (removed)
  19. The best job for HSPs – revisited 
  20. Easily grossed out
  21. Crying
  22. For Non-HSPs: how to understand your HSP partner
  23. Reflections on the Sensitive documentary
  24. Job Interviews: Tips & A Rant
  25. How to stop wanting to escape your job
  26. Dealing with internet trolls and people who push your buttons
  27. How to give condolences
  28. Dealing with overwhelming parties
  29. Empathy and the spicy food eating contest
  30. Are you a People Pleaser?
  31. The Highly Sensitive Man (Part 2)
  32. The Highly Sensitive Man (Part 1)
  33. Kelly Gets Profound
  34. Where to Vacation
  35. Dealing with Distractions at Work
  36. Responding to the “HSP Haters”
  37. Handling Criticism
  38. Self-Criticism
  39. Creativity
  40. Some jokes aren’t funny
  41. Sensitivity to smell
  42. An introvert in an extrovert’s job
  43. Compassionate Care
  44. Scared of Airplane Turbulence
  45. Politeness
  46. Extroverted HSPs
  47. Top 11 Travel Tips for HSPs
  48. Science!
  49. Caffeine
  50. Do you use high sensitivity as a “crutch”?
  51. 7 tips to cope with the challenges of being highly sensitive
  52. Kindred Spirits & Friends
  53. Emotional Cutting
  54. Gift Giving
  55. Anticipatory Grief
  56. The Best Careers for HSPs
  57. The Best Job for HSPs
  58. “Highly Sensory” People
  59. High Sensation Seeking
  60. Needing Control
  61. So. Much. Empathy
  62. Obsessing over Details
  63. Beauty Sensitivity
  64. I Hate Being Highly Sensitive
  65. Animals & HSPs
  66. Scary Movies? NOPE
  67. Why am I so Jumpy (Sudden Sounds, Loud Noises)?
  68. How to Explain HSP to Your Partner
  69. The Importance of Caring Less About Your Job
  70. Having Plans Weighs on Me All Day
  71. A Rant Against Working in an Office Cubicle
  72. Decision-Free Living
  73. I Feel Suffocated by Warm, Still Air
  74. What Is (and isn’t) a Highly Sensitive Person?

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