san diego readerI’m a little bummed out right now.

I submitted my blog to a local publication, the San Diego Reader. In every issue, they publish short excerpts from local blogs. I figured–why not?

They published it today. Here it is.

The headline they chose for the article is:

“In Other Words, Leave me Alone.”

I was not happy about this.

I had been looking forward to this being published, and now I feel like they are almost mocking it a little bit.

The reason I have this blog is to try to help people realize they aren’t alone in being sensitive. I hope to offer camaraderie and a sense of, “I didn’t know other people felt that way!”

It’s a safe place for sensitive people. It makes me happy when you guys read something here and can relate.

This insensitive headline, “Leave Me Alone”, just reminds me that the average person does not understand HSPs, and they aren’t willing to. They still see them as whiny, complain-y, pains-in-you-know-what. They should toughen up and suck it up.

The exact thing we are trying to educate the world against.

I sent them an email trying to explain my view, and asking if they’d reconsider the headline. I hope so.

“Hey look at this, the sensitive person is complaining about their headline! No surprise there…”


I’d love your opinion. Do you think I’m overreacting? Do you think the headline is ok?