small__3009900665I was watching Big Bang Theory today. In the episode, Leonard was being sent on a trip to Switzerland to observe the Hadron Collider. The entire episode was about Sheldon trying to convince Leonard to take him on the trip instead of Penny, since it had been Sheldon’s lifelong dream to see the Hadron Collider.

While watching, I thought, “Why doesn’t Sheldon just book a trip to Switzerland and see it on his own?” And just like that, the episode was ruined. The entire premise was rubbish, in my mind.

This happens to me ALL THE TIME.

Of course, it is just a sitcom, and it is not meant to be totally realistic. But when something illogical happens in a movie or TV show, I have a hard time looking past it, especially if it is central to the plot. I just stop caring about what I’m watching.

What the heck does this have to do with HSP?

I get emotionally invested in what I watch. When there is an issue with the logic, my emotional investment feels wasted because the show writers didn’t care enough about the viewer to make it believable.

And because I pay attention to details, I feel like my intelligence is being insulted by these errors.

Yes, we watch TV and movies to be entertained, but I need to be able to believe the premise, at least mostly. Otherwise, why should I waste my time, energy, and emotion watching it?

This isn’t a major life issue, of course. But I’d love to hear if any of you out there feel the same way. Do incontinuities and illogicalities turn you off to TV and movies?

photo credit: laverrue via photopin cc