small__3265269814The Social Anxiety / Shyness / Introvert / HSP Gym has dividers between every treadmill, every stationary bike, and every weight bench–kind of like cubicles. There is an indicator light above each machine area to let you know if it’s occupied.

The gym has an app where you can see how many people are currently at the gym. Fifty people are working out right now? Hmm, I’ll just wait until later.

There are TVs on each machine that are individually controlled–not one TV with the sound blaring.

There is no music playing (people just listen to their own headphones anyway.)

The air conditioning is pumping and the circulation is good.

The lighting is at a comfortable, non-retina-burning level.

And let me tell you about the fitness classes.

The instructors never single out students in front of the class–positively or negatively. They correct form quietly and gently when they are near each student.

They don’t yell to the class, “How’s everyone doing today??… I CAN’T HEAR YOU! If I can’t hear you, then that means you want MORE REPS!!” Because, you know, you’re there to work out, not be shamed into class participation. (We are all grown adults, we don’t need to cheer.)

It’s open late and early.

And, there’s no Zumba.

(Note: This is just for fun. I got some negative comments when I posted this elsewhere because people took it seriously.)

photo credit: jerryonlife via photopin cc