Mother’s Day is coming up soon–it’s on May 14th this year! Have you found a gift for the mother in your life? This list shows gifts ideal for a highly sensitive and/or introverted mom.

(Note: Introverts and HSPs are not the same thing. All introverts are not HSPs, and vice versa. But just for the sake of this list, they are lumped together.)

Here we go!


Leaf Mindfulness and Activity Tracker by Bellabeat

This is my ultimate mother’s day gift this year!

This beautiful “smart jewelry” is like a Fitbit, but for mindfulness! The Leaf tracks steps, calories burned, sleep patterns, menstrual cycle, and more. It monitors stress levels, helping to manage and relieve stress through breathing exercises. It can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, or a clip. And it’s so pretty!!


Butterfly Puddler

Does your mom love her garden? This hand-painted puddler’s shallow well holds sand or rock salt along with a teaspoon of water. When the water evaporates (in under a day), butterflies are attracted to the minerals left behind. Once butterflies know where they can find these minerals, they return regularly.


Secret Sweater
secret sweater
Is your mom always complaining about being cold?? The Secret Sweater can be hidden under jackets and blazers to add warmth without adding bulk (secret sweater, get it?), but it’s cute enough to be worn over a lightweight top or dress. Made of cotton and modal blended interlock fabric, it packs into a small pouch. Great for travelers, too!


Buddha Board

The Buddha Board allows you to feel like an artist even if you have no artistic talent (like me!) The brush makes beautiful strokes and allows you to express creativity with only water. The drawings gracefully fade away after a few minutes. (I have the mini version and find it to be too small—get the regular size.) Here’s me drawing on my board:


The Ostrich pillow

The ultimate napping solution! This wrap-around pillow can be worn over the eyes to block light and allow the head to rest comfortably against a wall or window. It’s comfort + privacy–great for moms who travel a lot.


Noise-Canceling Headphones

The ambient noise of the outside world can distract HSPs and introverts, sap their energy, and leave them grumpy. At around $150, these are the most inexpensive among CNET’s list of top-rated noise-cancelling headphones. Who wouldn’t love a great pair of headphones!


Rainbow Vision Sand Picture

Relaxing, mesmerizing, and soothing. Turn the picture, and the sand slowly moves to create a new picture. Watch the falling sand create mountains, valleys, and dunes. Soooo calming. Watch a video of it here.


Aromatherapy Oil Gift Setoil set

Before buying any scented gift for a highly sensitive mom, first try to notice if she’s shown that she likes scented candles or uses perfume or oils. Some HSPs find scents too overwhelming.




Gift an Experience!

  • Float/Sensory Deprivation Tank Experience
    When floating in sensory deprivation tank, your senses melt away into weightlessness. Google or Yelp the nearest tank and buy a gift certificate for a meditative and relaxing experience–they’re great gifts for pregnant women, too. Here’s my float experience.
  • A massage or spa experience.
  • A gift certificate to a class: like a class for cooking, photography, painting, gardening, pottery, language, or jewelry making. HSPs (especially high sensation seekers) enjoy learning and creating things. Select an activity she’s previously shown interest in.
  • Tickets to a museum, concert, play, or festival in which she’s shown interest: Along the same lines, this gift shows you pay attention to what she likes.
  • Donate to a cause that’s near her heart. Give money to an animal rescue, a medical foundation, environmental cause, or a charity that you know she cares about.
  • Take care of something. Arrange for meals, have her house cleaned, babysit–you get the idea. Take something off her plate.

What is your ideal Mother’s Day gift? Leave a comment and I may include it in this list!

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