Us HSPs not only have good manners, we often notice when other people’s don’t. If my husband and I are shopping and he asks an associate for help, then I don’t hear him say Thank You, I quietly hiss, “you didn’t say thank you!” (and then I feel bad about being annoying.)

thank you imageOne of my pet peeves is when I am telling a story and someone interrupts me, and then they don’t acknowledge the fact they interrupted me, or they keep talking and let my story remain unfinished. To me, that is incredibly rude and disrespectful. If I interrupt someone, I try to be careful to fix the situation. I’ll finish my thought and then say, “Sorry, I interrupted you–what were you saying?” or, “Please finish your story”, or, I will ask a specific question to show I was listening to their story and, in a small way, apologize for interrupting.

The reason HSPs are very polite is because we are conscientious and afraid of offending people. I think respect is important, and I don’t want anyone to feel disrespected. It’s the golden rule–I treat others as I want to be treated. (See my blog post about being a People Pleaser and not wanting to bother people.)

My husband and I joke that I love comeuppance. In a movie or TV show, when a character is a total evil jerk and then they get punished, I love it so much. I’ll cheer, “YEAH! Comeuppance!!” When a bad guy gets away with a terrible behavior, it feels unfinished and bothers me! In general, HSPs are often concerned with issues of social justice (it’s all that empathy), and will fight to right wrongs in the world.

photo credit: Daisee Pics Photography via photopin cc