obserHighly Sensitive People are often extremely observant to details. Today I was thinking about how this manifests itself in some small, quite unimportant ways.

Here are some things I think I’m good at because I am observant to details:

  • Recognizing languages visually. I don’t know any other languages (except a little French and even less Spanish) but when I see a different language (written down), I’m pretty good at figuring out what it is due to clues I pick up from the context, the words, and its relationships to other words I know.
  • Communicating with people who don’t speak English. Hm, this is tricky to explain. I’m good at expressing things in the simplest way possible. When I’m in a non-English speaking country and I need to ask a question or express something, I’m good at either using (1) “universal” English words (like “toilet”) or (2) the very few words I know in their language, and (3) hand/body gestures. This might sound like an obvious skill, but there have been many times I’ve been with another person who could not express themselves and I was able to step in and make it happen.
  • Recognizing dog breeds. As some of you might know, I got my first dog ever last year. Since then, I’ve been sort of obsessed with all things dog-related. When I see a dog, I mentally try to figure out its breed. I am very observant to the different features of breeds and I’m good at picking them out.
  • Picking up on dog body language. Along the same lines, I’m good at observing when a dog is showing fear, anxiety, restlessness, playfulness, happiness, or needing to go to the bathroom!


  • Following recipes too closely. Look, I’m great at following recipes, but even if I select a “quick” recipe, it takes me FOREVER! I cut all my vegetables in perfect pieces, I cut every imperfection off meat, wash vegetables until they are perfect….I like cooking, but it takes me too damn long!

What are some examples from your life?