librarySo I’m working on my laptop in a huge public library. It’s a giant room filled with 4-seater tables filled with people on laptops or studying.

I was the only one at my table when three people came and sat down. No big deal.

It became apparent that two of the people were students and the third, an older lady, was their teacher or tutor.

The tutor proceeded to talk, NONSTOP, I mean, not even pausing for a breath of air, for 20 minutes straight, all while the two students ignored her and tried to do their work. She was speaking a different language, so I was able to tune it out for a while.

But as the minutes passed, I felt myself getting more and more annoyed.

Then I look around and I swear, every other table seemed to be occupied by peaceful, quiet people. Of course I was stuck at this table with this insufferable person.

I felt the annoyance rising higher and higher in me, like a strengthening wave, until I couldn’t stand it. When this happens, I recognize that I’m overreacting to the situation, but I can’t help how I feel. I can’t stop the feeling. I gathered up my things and found another table with an open seat. I took a deep breath and immediately felt a little better.

I thought about how something so insignificant bothered me so much and how most “normal” people probably would not have been bothered by the talking tutor. Why do such small things bother me? I wish I wasn’t this way. But, unfortunately, I can’t help it.