working at nightI’ve always thought of myself as a “night” person. Not because I like to party, but because I like staying up late after everyone else in my house is asleep.

Last night, when I was typing away at 2am, I realized why I’m a night owl.

Because late at night is the only time of the day when everything is completely quiet and peaceful. There is no one else around me. I can completely control my environment–like no TV. I have free reign over my house to really be free.

During the day, my husband knows to leave me alone when I’m working, but there is still a part of me that knows he is around and I can’t totally let myself get into my work. It’s not his fault, it’s me. When he’s asleep in bed, I have no obligations (real or perceived) to hang out with him or anything. (I have a hard time dealing when I know people are waiting for me.)

I suppose early morning would be similar in this regard. I know people who like to wake up at the crack of dawn for similar reasons.

So mystery solved… now I know why I like working so late at night. Because I have the world to myself.