SOS (1)I’ve always struggled with getting emotional when people are unexpectedly or extraordinarily nice–when a stranger goes out of their way to do something nice for me or someone else.

It can be embarrassing to tear up when these things happen.

Look, I don’t mean I cry when someone holds open a door for me. It has to be more than that. Here’s a recent example.

I was wrongfully billed for some medical lab tests and spent so much time on the phone with the billing medical group trying to get it fixed. My explanation was quite clear-cut, but no one would listen to me and it was frustrating.

I ended up on a conference call with two women: one from my insurance company and another from the billing medical center (doctor’s office). The medical center person was contentious, interrupted me, didn’t listen, and was actively trying to FIGHT with me! I was completely taken aback and flabbergasted. I was being calm and friendly but she left me speechless.

Then, as this woman was being a jerk to me, the other woman from the insurance company spoke up for me!! She argued for me! It felt so surreal to have these two people arguing about ME as I listened. I was in a haze. The call put my emotions through the wringer.

After the call ended, I called back my insurance company in hopes of getting connected with the same helpful insurance person. I just wanted–actually, needed–to tell her how much I appreciated her help.

What a strange, unexpected thing to have an emotional moment with an insurance company person!

I finally got connected with her. I thanked her, and…it was so weird! It was like we had this small, human connection! Me and a random insurance person! We were both in the battle together and understood each other. She even gave me her direct number in case I wanted to call her back. I wished I could hug her.

To have a complete stranger stick up for me was so welcome, and a relief. She was the only person who has listened to me throughout many phone calls regarding this billing issue.

After this whole incident, it took me a long time to calm down from the intense feelings of relief, stress, and having been yelled at running though my body.

In which instances have kind strangers made you feel emotional? Please feel free to share your story in the comments below.